Thursday, March 30, 2006

By Salvador Gabor

Now that we are approaching the spring time and the summer months to follow, I feel a need to address all of you folks who spend your 8 hours at work searching the net. Today is a great day for Social Internet Executives and Technicians alike. There are so many website to search. We have shopping sites, discussion boards, chat rooms, blogs and other outlets such as the latest "Video Model" pics. Even inspite of these great leaps for mankind on the internet we have some problems. Serious problems that need to be solved. I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news but, we cant celebrate our acheivements until we address the downfalls within out Social Internet Society.

Let me first tackle the dilemna. YES it is a dilemna. This is a great tool to keep up with our social events, since that IS our focus. But, it's usually a clear cut idea of whether or not an event is FOR me or FOR you. The constant reminders of the same event are not necessary. If we want to attend, we keep those events in mind. If not, we just dont reply or we say "maybe" or "no". Once we have done that we don't need a "Donte sends a reminder for the Housewarming Bash this Friday, your current response is 'No'". Also another great obstacle is the "This guest list has not been released by the coordinator" message. When living in a major metropolitan area, FULL DISCLOSURE is needed when being invited to birthday parties, housewarmings, house dinners, and so forth. Who knows if you bring your new girlfriend and your "ex" is invited. Maybe she isn't your "ex" JUST yet. Maybe she doesn't know that you are engaged. Party coordinators have to keep this in mind. Proper disbursing of invitations must be taking into consideration. The lack of planning for "cat fights" could be a disaster. So once again FULL DISCLOSURE is needed. Also depending upon who is attending, a nigga just might wanna be a lil more fresh than normal. Disclose of the invite list gives you an idea of that.

The next dilemna is MySpace. I don't have a problem with this new "Blackplanet aimed towards all races". I just have one glitch to address. Fellas, don't ask me to be your friend on MySpace and your main picture is that of you with your shirt off. That just doesn't represent my heterosexuality to the furthest extent. Now I've seen some folks that I'm really cool with on this site but, I'm afraid to reach out to them because if I do, they may wanna add me as their friend and ask the same of me. But if you are trying to look like Shemar Moore on your page, I'm going to have to decline. Simply because you can't be on MY SPACE if you look like that on MySpace.

Now, I want to go JunkMail and cookies. From what I've been told, Junkmail is sent to your email addresses based on where you browse on the internet. But I'm seeing a problem. That must not always be correct. I've received messages about Penis Enlargement, Plasma TV's and African men who need sponsorship to get to America. I've never complained about my "manhood" or my TV and who am I the new Sally Struthers. I don't know how "Akello Mwabe" got my email address.

We also need to address, S.I.E. to S.I.E. relations. Social Internet Executives and the relationships they develop have tapered off as of late. There is no longer honor amongst thieves. Yes THIEVES. All yall stealing that government money anyway but, that's another story for another day. But where is the honor? Why can't we just have great S.I.E. relationships anymore. S.I.E.'s send the same email 17 times in 2 days. We recycle emails from 2 years ago. And to make matters worse, S.I.E.'s send audio and video attachments and then call you to see if you got the attachment. But, when it doesn't download they 1) get mad at YOU and 2) KEEP sending it and calling....."DID you get it now". I tell ya!

As a whole, we have gained ground but, there is more ground to be gained. In 2006, we will get there.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"