Tuesday, March 14, 2006

by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Marvin Diggs is a hardworking man looking for love, and a woman who don't mind smelling feet. A man known for putting cognac in his coffee, and not washing behind his ears, Marvin likes to keep things quiet.

Marvin has been a dump truck driver/bull dozer operator/golf cart operator. Marvin is known to studder a little bit when talking about his Redskins, the Golden State Warriors of the mid 80's, and any reference to Lawrence Taylor sets him off. Marvin once got into a heated debate about Lawrence Taylor on the job site. He got so upset that got into the site manager's golf cart and drove all the way home, and could be heard saying "that Lawrence Taylor is a piece of dookey, just just dookey, he he he he he don't know chalfk from coffee," all the way down Kenilworth Avenue.

Marvin is a Sagitarius with Gemini qualities on the jobsite. He is sometimes not very talkative, but always has a warm smile, especially when drinking some hot tea with a little burboun in it. He likes his potato salad luke warm, and his women big legged. Marvin don't like no pets, and has raised three children and really doesn't want to see yours. If you are a single women, who doesn't mind a little construction dust on your couch, call us at 301-455-3534 to talk to Marvin or one of our other hoeless romantics. His single and ready, oh and his eyes aint red from crying, that's that bourbon.