Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gambling With Your Social Life
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Many people see gambling as an investment, and others see it as a detriment to society, marriage, parenthood and even friendship. Gambling can be a useful tool in come-upedness. You might score $1700 shooting dice on a website, or you might cause some young woman to lose all self-confidence trying to juggle time.

People often times suggest that one invest in this or that. These things can range from stocks and bonds, to an apple sauce truck full of DVD's coming from Reno on a bad axle, that is sure to make one 17 minute stop in Watts at 3:05 a.m. on Thursday after next. It is left up to us to figure out what is worth while and what is just wet sand.

In the world of investment more commonly called Gambling in venues like Atlantic City, there are certain things you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. There are others that we as people would welcome ourselves to if a simple bet had been made.

"I bet if Keith told you she was a ho..." In a situation like this a regular dude might pass on a good girl in the right situation, but because nice brother told him to talk to Venetta he passed on it. The last 3 girls good-dude Marvin hooked you up with, none of them gave you the draws. Oh but the nigga Keith, always provides some of the finest, and sometimes the ugliest skanks Norfolk has to offer. It is bets like this that have naked on a 300 pound easy woman named Kadunya.

"I bet if Tully told you to take the pill..." On what a gamble this is. A situation like this could be one in which a stubborn old man won't take what his doctor prescribes but will continue to drink whiskey and smoke cigarellos knowing good and well he has tuberculosis. Now if Tully, the woman known to make arthritis go away by burning her husband with an iron on his right hip. This the same woman who ties garlic to your tail get rid of yeast infections. Now had she told Weeyams to take an antibiotic he would do it.

"I bet if P.Diddy told you to wear it..." Now this could be the difference in staying warm and staying fly. This might keep an 8th grader warm in February, and a 54 year old hustler in proper attire at his well-to-do brother's retirement party.

My how we gamble with our social life. We quick to say what we aint going to do, because it aint cool, or because it don't sound lucrative but you can bet if Ty and Wayne got something to do with it you will be driving that Monte Carlo with 16 pounds of coke in the backseat.

Some of life's bets are nothing but disguised debts, sometimes to society and other times to your Aunt who loaned you $500 to open your own dry cleaners, just because you had the surplus hangers and a broken steamer with a Flowbee engine. "I bet I could open my own cleaners." Someone should have bet Woody couldn't, there's the money on the street.

Be careful betting against someone though. All you hard fathers thinking your boy is soft because he likes music. Be careful, you might have the next Kanye on your hands, but then again the nigga could turn out to be Magoo. If you sitting around the house wondering what he can't do in your Russell sweatpants and dressy yardwork shoes, don't cash that bet. Take that money and get yall some outfits, because that Science Fair Banquet might be the gateway to neverending trips to Vegas when young Titus is all grown up.

The world keeps spinning like a table of roulette
So many things us nigga have yet to beget
Diamond rings loaded with baggettes
A butt naked dance with Alley Baggette
Scared money will keep your daughter and wife in bowrettes,
keeping you with long nails on your pinky toes
rolling dice with your buddies Quartet
Jerome, Curtis, Vaughn and Lavette
drinking Martel and riding shotgun in Jerome's Corvette
don't let life pass you by, because you didn't buy
only investing on stolen good off of trucks painted "Canada Dry"
This world keeps spinning this I know
Just ask them big women at the toy parties not licensed by Hasbro

Make money mane.