Thursday, February 02, 2006

By Salvador Gabor

Melvin Washington better known throughout Dade County as "Spruce" was the first inner-city African American drug dealer to surpass the $1 Million mark in net drug sales in only ONE month in 1984. Many hustlers such as Alberto "Alpo" Martinez and Richard Porter and other infamous New York hustlers had grossed a million in a month but why down in the south, "Spruce" was THE man. Now there would be those that would surpass this feat such as Rayful Edmonds of Washington, D.C. and others but, "Spruce" can not be denied as the first.

"Spruce tried all he could to eat for free and to go without trickin' on dem gals over at the high school" says Willemina Washington (pictured on the left). "Yes, he sho was bout his bidness and he wanted to make dat Miyon on his own" says Mable Gertrude Maxwell (pictured on the right). And "Spruce" was surely determined to accomplish this mind-boggling feat. He stayed out all night during weeknights just to get one night of rest on Sunday. Even with paying tithes at church he was still on pace for that Million mark until Martin Luther King weekend. His friends wanted to go to a party thrown by some high school friends known as "The Chill Factor". But "chillin" was out of the question for "Spruce". "I got buttas to sell and money to make". That was often the theme for "Spruce's" life.

Today we salute Melvin "Spruce" Washington for his steadfast work ethic and self-motivation to be financial empowered through street pharmacy.

Here's to YOU "Spruce", for being an example to young lions of the streetlife

This announcement was brought to you by "Bread of Life" Soup Kitchen in downtown Detroit. Home of the famous "Hog Maw Bagel". Their motto "You like em, we slice em"