Monday, February 27, 2006

Sal's Corner

Ladies, I've been hearing you complaining about men. Always in our ears talking about how bad we are. I've noticed some common themes. "It aint no good men out here". "These men are cheap". "I have the worst dates". Well, I've come to save the day for you ladies. Today's lesson will be ways to avoid dealing with CLOWNS. I stick up for the fellas alot but, Im gonna share some things that I normally wouldn't share, so don't ever say I didnt give you nothing. SO here are the rules to getting rid of CLOWNS.

* "GOOD MEN/BAD MEN" - In every man, there is a "GOOD" man and there is a "BAD" man. That man is capable at ANY moment of displaying either side depending upon his respect for you at that moment. Understand this rule and the rest will flow EVER SO easily. The idea is to demand the "GOOD" side of him at all times. Make him take the steps towards bringing out the "GOOD" man in him.

* SPEAKING PROPER ENGLISH - Most women hate that men don't speak properly when they HAVE to. I.E. in front of your parents or high-siddity friends. Well when you meet a man you have to speak proper in your initial convos. This is needed for several reasons. ONE, you dont want this NIGGA to come in your house talking Jibber-Jabber. "KNAWSAYIN" and "FEELMETHOUGH". Now that's cool when you are in a relaxed environment. BUT, not at your niece's recital at church. The more important reason for you to set the tone of speaking properly is because when you meet a man in the street, your speech can intimidate the VERY person you want to avoid. "CLOWN" niggas feel inferior when they hear you speaking properly. They like to joke at your speech or do SOMETHING to secretly denounce your extra effort to speak the King's English. A REAL man is gonna say to himself "She is a bit uptight right now well-rounded enough to play her game and speak her speech yet cool enough to where when we get to know each other, she will loosen up".

* CURRENT EVENTS - Find a way to discuss current events. Right now there is talk about the Supreme Court Justices and so forth. The State of the Union Address just passed. And there are other local things going on not just in politics but in our lives. See if he knows about these things at all. The last thing you might want is a CNN geek but.........see if he knows more than the fact that he lost $200 on the Super Bowl.

* GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS - You gotta constantly bring up your goals in life. Now if you want a "quickie" from the dude, hey do you. I cant stop you. But if you looking for more, then you gotta talk about what you wanna do in life.

FELLAS, I aint sold yall out. Trust me, when you read part 2, it will be understood. Ladies, it's time you take a look WITHIN for all answers to the questions you have about the men you love to hate.