Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sal's Corner

"THE WAY" is the place where we grew up. Sometimes it can be the place where we hang. It could be both. It could be the PEOPLE that make up the place where you grew up and/or hung. And its ALWAYS niggas that have special qualities that make up "THE WAY"

"AROUND THE WAY" - It's always that one dude that aint never where he supposed to be. "Meet me around the way in 15 minutes". "Oh naw Im at the mall, Im a be around the way in an hour". "I'll be around there about 10:30-10:45". And the infamous "Im headed back now, Im like 5 minutes away", knowing they bout to LEAVE in 5 minutes.

"BY THE WAY" - This is the guy that is the bearer of bad news. "By the way........I took that last condom off your dresser". "Oh yeah, I needed that $5 bill to make up the $10 dollar minimum on the chinese food". His facial expressions make you wanna slap him silly.

"IN THE WAY" - He's the 6th guy that makes up the 3 on 3 game at the court. He is also the guy with the most stupid comments when the car breaks down. He gives what he THINKS are good suggestions. He is a lil worse than "By the way". He never knows any of the people at the events that you are invited to. You really dont wanna take him but, he always seems to call and as much as you say "Im not answering this call"..........you ALWAYS pick up. "So what niggas doing today" and you can NOT lie. The most you can say is "I aint driving...you gotta ask Kevin"

"UP THE WAY" - This is the nigga who is always asked for directions. "Yeah you gotta make a left at the light, go UP THE WAY a piece until you see a Sonoco Gas Station, then go 16 blocks till you get to Monkey Drive. It should be an old man on that block feeding racoons........drive three houses down from him and thats 47568 King Lane". How he KNOWS all these details, who knows. "Up the Way" is always right, you dont know how but trust him.

"ON THE WAY" - It's always a nigga talkin bout "Yeah im bout to go to school". "Im bout to stop dealin' wit all these girls and have one main girl". "I think I need to get back to church more often". Always "ON THE WAY" to doing something. He is worse that "AROUND THE WAY". At least "AROUND THE WAY" eventually gets back from the mall. "ON THE WAY" is always living in a dream or in a comment that he feels will satisfy how you feel about him.

"OUTTA THE WAY" - It's alot of these niggas. Always taking you outta your way or you go outta your way to get them OUTTA trouble. You telling you going South, they ask to drop them off North. You not going East but somehow they wanna get a ride from you going East. THEN got the nerve to say "I hope I aint taking too much of your time". The type to give you $4 for gas money. If you not giving me $10, KEEP it. And if you dont offer at all........get your next ride on that "iron horse". "Outta The Way" will make you already have activities that prevent you from doing a favor for this person when your phone rings. Not being mean but they are the type of people that feel your friendship is based on what you do for them. I don't OWE YOU ANYTHING. We are cool 'cause 9 times outta 10, you are funny or interesting to talk to and/or hang with. But I didn't sign up to be your personal bank, lawyer or driver.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"