Thursday, January 05, 2006

By Salvador Gabor

Group projects are the best. It gives you an opportunity to work with others. It's a preview of what is to come in life. While in college I never understood these projects. But, if a group is strong, it can be an advantage to do things within a group setting. If the group is NOT strong, it's an opportunity for you to pass on knowledge and also step up and be a leader.

There are many types of people in groups. The first person that surfaces is the "So what are we doing?" person. This is the guy/girl who SAT there and got instructions but, still has NO clue. It takes them some time to figure out what we are doing but, soon enough an assignment within the project is GIVEN TO THEM. We also have "The Delegator". This person might not be the smartest person or the hardest worker but he/she has the ability to schedule meetings and they know something about something as far as the project goes. Then we have the "Why cant I do this on my own?" person. They are smart, they are able to lead the group. They just dont have the patience to bring up the rear. They are afraid that their G.P.A. will fall being surrounded by less studious pupils. Then comes the "Im just tryna get this SH*T done" person. They usually apologize for the language later but he/she is a 27 year old senior with a full-time job and their own housing a ways away from campus. They did NOT drive 10 miles to come BACK to the library at 10:00 P.M. to be joking about the party last Saturday that they DIDNT have any intentions on attending. They were too busy WORKING, if you were too busy drinking to notice their absence.

As a society, it seems as if this African-American community that we live in exists in one of THESE "Group Projects". We have the "WHAT are we doing" people. Those who have no idea of why they even exist. "The Delegator" who represents all of those who beat down our people but never offer their own solution. "Why cant I do this on my own" people make up the majority of the population. They feel that they dont have to represent the community as a whole for those who base an opinion of a million from one. The ones who forgot that they were taught to represent their family when they walk out the house and now as adults represent their race. And then the "Im just tryna get this SH*T done" people, who want to patch together a solution.

In 2006, I hope and pray that our community can move towards creating a better perception for our people. I look forward to seeing those who are doing well being showcased more than the negative connotations that are on the front page of papers across the country every morning. The key to success is "Self Worth". Understanding your role, whether it be little or small. Understanding your potential, whether it be close or far off.

"The pain of staying the same, has to outweigh the pain of change"
-Larry Raskin-

....AND I'll form the HEAD