Thursday, January 12, 2006

By Salvador Gabor

Clyde "Big Stank" Tolliver has been considered as a chocolate morsel to many low-class and low self-esteemed and no self-esteemed women across the seven cities area in middle Virginia. From Newport News to Suffolk to Portsmouth, he was known for his suave moves on the dance floor and in the bedroom. But since moving north to Washington, D.C., "Big Stank" isn't getting the love he once was overflowed with in and around Route 64.

Since moving to the nation's capital, he has been experiencing rejection after rejection. His routine "Hi my name is Clyde but you can call me 'Big Stank' and Im a Capricorn" hasn't rubbed the women in D.C. the right way. Speaking of rubbing the right way, he tends to rub his belly when he is attracted to women. Basically "Big Stank" has alot of work to do on adjusting to the Big City Life. Any women desperate enough to contact "Big Stank", please do so. He is the first client that we have had that we are THIS happy to see go.

Just for information purposes........"Big Stank" shops at Dillard's, Harold Pener, Cavalier and Oaktree. He also likes Raspberry Milkshakes and wearing Sandles with Chinese Collared Dress Suits. He prefers skinny ties and pants that "let out in the back". He likes to eat at IHOP on first dates and Golden Corral once he becomes more comfortable with eating several plates in front of his woman. He is a part-time manager at Shoney's and recently diversified his portfolio by investing in Stuckey's convenience stores.

Please call "Big Stank" at (301) 455-3534