Thursday, December 15, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

The Brothers of the GAMMA BAMMA BAMMA chapter of KA-RAH-TAY INNNNNNNNNNCORPORATED, would like to present their Annual Christmas special "Jaguars". "Jaguars" is a dance/musical about 4 young Karate specialists in the brisk and cold world of Chicago, Illinois in the early 70's. "Mad Terry" played by Braxton Covington (pictured in the lower center) discovers that he contracted herpes from "Shelley Summers" the sister of "Hunter Summers" (pictured standing in the center). "Mad Terry" then dedicates his life to teaching Karate to young Chi-Town teenagers in a hope to prevent sexual diseases from being passed. "Mad Terry" wanted to promote abstinence by teaching the martial arts. He felt like practicing Karate was the "true release" that young people needed. Lionel Dawkins (pictured on the left) and Reginald Montgomery (pictured on the right) make up the final pieces to the GAMMA BAMMA BAMMA chapter of KA-RAH-TAY and play the roles of "Lil Tyrone" and "Sweet Jesse" respectively.

"Jaguars" will be an opening act for "Madea Gets Crunk @ Club 112" in theatres and Church Dinings rooms across the East Coast. For more info please call Pegues Demarcos Taylor at (301) 455-3534.