Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"The TRUTH Shall Set You Free"
By Salvador Gabor

"Momma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this........My momma said". Momma did say there'd be days like this. She always said "The truth will set you free as well". The TRUTH. What is it? The TRUTH is the honest opinion anor standpoint within your heart. I was always taught to tell the truth. Tell it at all costs. Even if people dont like it, even it initially it make raise a few brows. Now do I always DO what was told of me? That's another story. But even in my mishaps and downfalls, I can respect a man who tells the truth, when put in a situation where an answer is needed from him.

Terrell Owens has been the subject of many radio shows, television shows, watercooler discussions and conversations on public transportation. Many folks have beaten this topic in the ground. And the Philadelphia Eagles season is now laying next to that beaten topic. The fact of the matter is that, whether we like it or not, Terrell was tellin THE TRUTH. In his mind, the truth was that the Eagles weren't as good as they could be because of Donovan McNabb. Not saying that McNabb "cant get it done" but, in trying times, in all honesty, we haven't seen the Donovan McNabb that we are used to seeing doing Michael Jackson dances in the end zone after rushing touchdowns. McNabb is a fan favorite around the league. I love his personality and I believe he has the capability of making history in the NFL. We just haven't seen that McNabb come to play yet. And when asked his feelings about the scenario posed my Michael Irvin of Brett Favre being better for the Eagles at THIS moment, Terrell simply agreed. Him saying "No" would have been a lie because "No" wasn't the opinion or standpoint in his heart. And simply by-passing the question altogether would have also been a dead give-away as to how he feels. He couldn't run from the question. So he didn't. He also said McNabb wasn't a "warrior". Well in a pivotal game last night against the Dallas Cowboys with 40 seconds remaining on the game clock and your team down by one (1) point to a rival in a game that has SEASON-long implications, a "warrior" doesn't sit and watch Mike McMahon and Reggie Brown screw up an opportunity to put the Eagles in a great position to win the game with a field goal by David Akers. Instead of McMahon making the pass to Reggie Brown, the pass is a "duck" than is then DROPPED by Brown, who by the way got real accustomed to dropping passes. That should have been McNabb to Owens for a 30 yard completion to set up the game-winning kick. But pride and the "Truth" got in the way. Maybe McNabb was too hurt to play the last minute of the game. T.O. still could have gotten the job done and playing McMahon or Ty Detmer wouldn't be so hard with an All-Pro receiver on the field. Maybe the team and McNabb were mad at Owens because they knew all too well that what he was saying was the "Truth". Maybe it was not only that he spoke the "Truth" but ALSO that Terrell Owens IS the "TRUTH", and in the Eagles hearts.......that is really their opinion/standpoint on the situation as well. So to all those fans at Lincoln Financial who buried T.O. last night, you can bury your playoff hopes AND your "run" as NFC East Champions right along side him.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"