Monday, November 07, 2005

Sal's Corner

Im not a parent. I cant say I'm planning on being one. But if it happens. Anyway, Ive observed parenthood for sometime now and I see some mistakes that parents make. Yeah it's easy to call it when you AREN'T in the situation but hey.........I'm gonna do me. But here are a few things that parents shouldn't do

*HINDERING YOUR CHILDREN FROM TALKING TO THE OPPOSITE SEX - I can remember as a child, my mother would take me places. Other women would say "he's a nice looking young man, I KNOW the girls are calling the house".......Moms would say "THEY BETTA NOT BE". And as a kid it's almost like you are SCARED to talk to a girl cause you dont wanna get caught. And soon as you get 25 your parents are tryna RUSH you off to get married. How a nigga supposed to know how to even converse with a lady if you wasnt allowed to early on. Parents, I aint saying you ought to let your kids have overnight "company" but get them used to dealing with the opposite sex as they grow up.

*KARATE - Parents (especially SINGLE Mothers), dont put "JJ" in Karate. I know you want him to bond and be apart of a male dominated sport but football, basketball and baseball never hurt nobody. The worst thing is him going from "The Wiggles" to "Yugi-oh" to "Power Rangers" to KARATE class. Karate makes that kid much more wilder than he needs to be. Just too much barefoot, country buckwildness going on. Your new boyfriend comes over the house and he try to dap "JJ" up and he just say "HIGHHHHHHHHHHH YAAAAAA". The boyfriend smiles but his leg is HURTING! Then you go in the room to "Freshen up" and now your boyfriend "Kenny" gotta basically fend this lil heathen off by twistin' his wrist just to get a breath of fresh air. "JJ" done broke some kid tooth in Bible Study. "JJ" done busted a lil girl lip at day care. The PE teacher calling home cause "JJ" kickin kids during the "Jumpin Jacks" exercise. Dont take your kids to Karate class. Then the first time they get into a fight at school...........a nigga be done WHUPPED "JJ" cause none of that BS "Master Johnson" taught him will work in real life. You rented all them Jet-Li tapes for nothing. Cause now "JJ" the one with the busted lip and broken tooth.

*OUTFITS - Parents.....dont act so old so early. If you going to church...dont put the lil man in the short set with the white socks. You are messing up any chance of him growing up to be a thorough nigga. He can't act hard in Jr. High and the kids are like "William in here fakin'.....he used to have the Mr. Furley outfits in the kindergarten". That can shatter his chances at getting respect from his peers.

*HAVING THE CHILD - Some of yall just shouldn't have had the children in the first place. Im not saying "have an abortion" but you shoulda considered this before you had unprotected sex. This is not JUST to the unmarried. Some of the marrieds aint ready for kids either. If you gotta have a license to drive, a degree to get a job, a CDL to drive a truck, a license to own a gun, 18 to smoke, 21 to drink and 5'8" to ride a roller coaster, by golly then it should be an office for reproduction and intimacy under the Federal Government System. And this isn't a one-time license. You have to renew this bad boy every year. And whenever you want to have a child, or you feel that in the next year you might have a gotta go before a board and take an I-Q test. If you dont take that test and pop up with a kid.......the Gov't can take your child if they deem it necessary. It's gotten to that point man. Im serious! They need to attach chastity belts to females at like 7. Anything after that is "play ball" these days. Girls in the 4th grade....PREGNANT! It's crazy. You should have to go downtown to get the belt detached.

*WASTING TIME - God gave you 18 years to raise your kids. Thats more than enough time to cover what needs to be covered with your child. I think many of us FORGET that as parents, you are the teachers and coaches for these kids before they step into the world on their own. And best believe what you DON'T cover in the household, the kids will learn in the streets. And that's real deal. But what most parents do is feed the child, put a roof over their head and say "no" to all the things you don't want them doing. But during that 18 years in which you are just doing THAT, you are missing out on teaching them lessons they will learn on "da bricks" and not in house. And the way they learn outside and out and about is alot of times the wrong way with the wrong reasoning behind it.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"