Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sal's Corner

As we continue this NBA theme, we now take a look at the Knicks. I find the Knicks to be a very interesting group of young men. Imagine this being a gang or neighborhood crew? Alot of trouble would be ahead for these young men. I often look at teams like this and wonder how they act on road trips? How they act in the hotels? In the locker room? So you know if they were teenagers running rampid through the streets of a neighborhood, they would be beyond uncontrollable.


Quentin is a young guy in the crew. Running the halls wit da older dudes. Quentin has a nice looking sister. He done fought a couple dudes over her and now he has to fight girls too cause his sister is gay. He found out one day when his headband was missing and he got to school and she had it on. Anyways he dont cause much trouble but he's always laughin.


Ole Jerome. Jerome is like 21 in the 11th Grade. He don't mean no harm. He is just being Jerome. His girlfriend is 13 in the 9th Grade. By the time they both get to the 12th Grade, he will be able to rent a car without a cosigner or major deposit and she'll be old enough to drive under his insurance.


"Yall cant play back here. Im bout to leave AND that's my ball". YES, he's one of THEM type niggas. You can only get a game going on the court in his alley if HE is there.


Channing and Jerome have the same tutor. It's obvious that the tutor aint doing a good job. I'll leave it at that. People say he is tall for his age. Tall for his grade maybe. But at 19......he can be that height.....but not in the 7th Grade.


Antonio was the first nigga in your hood that needed deodorant. You know when you like 9 years old, you start getting musty. He was the one out of the crew who kinda gave the signal to the rest of yall that "we need deodorant". Another thing about Antonio is he is too touchy. Always wanna dap a nigga when laughing. Throwing elbows to your shoulder cause he cant control his laughter. Always the type to step on your shoes too. Just big and akward.


"EDDY come on in dis been out there ALL day. You know you got that heart ailment. You need to get straight and come on in to go to bed". Eddy's family always embarrasses him.......somehow, someway. Eddy is probably the most talented guy on the block. Lives in a house with all women and the coaches of all his activities are the father figures in his life. He toes the line sometimes. He hangs with "them drug boys" as his grandmother would say but he won't get into too much trouble. He is still in the church. Jr Usher of the year was awarded to him in 2001 and he also plays the drums at the 5th Sunday evening services.


Trevor was always a lil "off". Some thought he was gay. Others thought he was crazy. He just ventured off after a while. He was the one skateboarding and wearing black all the time. He had a heavy collection of porn and chinese movies. It was cool at first to go to Trevor's house and watch movies but he always wanted to have these "contests". Then everybody stopped going to his house.


Lil Nate's gonna make it out the hood. Go to college, play a lil ball and do something with his life. He doesn't say much, just smiles. His mother might have a nice body. Either her or his sister. He knows they look. He just smiles "go head yall". Nate's a good guy


You almost HAD to know that he is a Junior. He is a splitting image of his daddy. One day he will take over his daddy's auto shop. "Maurice aint got time to play football today, he got shocks to put on". He never answers his door or the phone. So if you want to get in touch with reece.......daddy is gonna be the man you gotta go through


Malik is the kid with the African heritage and you'd never know until you go in his house and they have a baby tiger as a pet. And his room has a spear on the ceiling. And you shoulda known the whole time. He gave yall signs. The sandles he wore to the 8th Grade prom shoulda keyed you off.


Jackie. Thats a NAME for ya! Jackie used to be the fat boy of the neighborhood. But 35 lbs shedded and a new Cadillac does wonders for your luck with the ladies. And with that job he has driving the city bus, he'll be ok with those good benefits.


Thats Anfernee's cousin. You hate Anfernee so you KNOW you gotta hate Matt. Matt and Anfernee tried to jump Jackie......he beat them both up. Trevor used to hang with Matt and Anfernee but things didn't go right. Some undisclosed incident in the room watchin' one of Trevor's "tapes". Who knows


Jamal and Malik had the African households. Jamal's identity was a lil more obvious. He talked more than Malik and his touchdown dances in the alley was a sure giveaway. Jamal now has the ladies. But he can never keep em. His parents meet them and say they are too "american".


Stephon is he hood legend. His mother looks GOOD too. Yes BETTER than Nate's mother and sister combined. She is about 36. So she still hip. He was the best dressed in school. She got her GED around the same time he graduated. He's a cool guy. And he will take your girl. YES, I know you are saying "Not this BIG HEAD nigga". YES.......that's him. That's the guy who took the girl to the prom that you were too scared to ask. You procrastinated one day too much. And he kept a close clinch on her ALL night to let you and every other dude KNOW that he is the dude with your chick on his arm. HE's a lil cocky, yes, I'll admit but he's the cool guy in the hood

KEEP your remote here, I'll be back with more teams very soon.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"