Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sal's Corner

In keeping with the NBA theme for the week, I wanted to look at a team or two over the next few weeks. I wanted to break down some teams and I wondered......."WHAT IF NBA TEAMS WERE GANGS/NEIGHBORHOOD CREWS"? How would or could we run down the team if they were a crew of fellas off the court in a regular urban neighborhood? I took the INDIANA PACERS and broke down how they would look standing in front of your corner store.


Fred just started hanging with them. His mother kept him in the house but now he can at least go to the Thursday parties. Wednesdays still off limits. Stephen Jackson paying his way in


Anthony is the working nigga. He work somewhere where he wear blue uniforms. He goes out to the go-go with the uni on like its cool. He is the nigga with a car. Artest usually asks him to run him down to the precinct to take his urine before 6:30


3 Words.....YOUNG DIRTY & WILD. No money on the weed and a Big Coat.


TEMPER.......he is the nigga who starts the fights. Contrary to what people believe its HIM. Slim tall nigga wit a temper.


The Georgia nigga that comes up for the summer. Now he turned 18 and he wanna move back up here with his family. But he down wit da clique. He actually has more pull than Fred and Anthony and David. He gets the call to go out when the main niggas dont want all the bum niggas to go


Too grown.........Too Early. Momma said stay away from him. His mother lets him stay out too late. Everybody around him gets shot or locked up.........but he somehow escapes. He is bad luck


TROUBLE. he forces EVERYONE around him to do WHAT HE SAYS. He's the guy that dont bring your bike back for HOURS. He never quite got charged with that rape on Denisha but everyone kinda knows something went down that day she skipped school with him


"SHOOT that nigga FRED". And with those words......Fred got his first charge. Stephen is a "Hype Man". he is also the ring leader of the crew. Two Words: REMY MARTIN. And alot of it too! Always concerned with "Who gettin the bottles!". Liquor store runs are his nich' in the crew. He dont have "NARE" car but always calling the shots on where the crew goes.


The Suburb nigga out the crew. Somebody knows him. Who that person is.......we dont know. We dont know HOW he got in the neighborhood and why he is still there. Stephen Jackson is ALWAYS pondering upon this. "MAN Jamaal who IS this nigga?". "Thats YO' Man"

Look forward to the Break down of a few other teams such as the Washington Wizards, The Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers and a special look into the New York Knicks

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"