Wednesday, October 12, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

For many people, lunch is just a small task in the eye of a true worker. For John F. Cruz, lunch is a way of life and a way to expand business. "Lunch is how I get through the day. I plan my morning thinking of how fast I can get by this time just to get to lunch. Then from lunch till the end of the day I have to plan other strategies to get that far" says Cruz. The STEAKS are truly high for someone like John Cruz who is considered to be a "lazy worker". "I dont come to work to do the work that THEY have for me to do. I have other work. Work that is important to ME". John has embarked upon ventures during his alotted work hours that have made him an icon in the "Web Browsing World". He is the top Social Internet Executive on the East Coast. No other Social Internet Executive has pulled off being logged into as many chat rooms and fantasy sports boards as John Cruz over the last 18 months. With a 18-day consecutive streak of 2 hour lunches in April of 2005, he graced the cover of "My Time, Their Money" magazine in July. We had a chance to speak with John about his efforts to make the work place a more Internet Free Society

Salvador Gabor: John I must say you have done a magnificent job over the last year as a Social Internet Executive?

John Cruz: I can only take but so much credit for my work. Some say its a lack thereof but, who do you know that can refresh 5 email accounts while listening to Windows Media Player and updating my iPod?

SG: Thats impressive. What are your daily duties?

JC: I come into the office around 9:45. I should be here by 9:30 but I'll stay an extra 15 in the afternoon. I usually check to see if my boss has any assignments for me. I may get to them today, I may not. Who knows? Then the rest of my day I'm in meetings. Usually on chat boards discussing topics such as "Reality TV" and "Fantasy Football". Im swamped with emails. Im in charge of making sure that all my "business associates" (friends) are up to date on the latest "forward emails". Some executives take yoga, I prefer Solitaire. I usually do an hour of that for mental exercise before lunch.
SG: Lunch is a big moment in the day?

JC: YEAH buddies and I check out hot chicks at Hot Bars and so forth. It's important to be at the pulse of the lunch culture. That's big business in the Social Internet Industry nowadays. You have to understand, the key is to gain as much of an email list as possible. You have to be the one with the hottest photos of stars floating around, the hottest forwards. So lunch time is an opportunity to "bag" hot chicks and see old friends and gather more contact info.

SG: Is Social Internet Browsing an industry filled with trends?

JC: Sure, online shopping is the trend now due to the fact that this is the time before the holiday season. Also the weather is changing so people are looking for new clothes. My associates and I often send pics back and forth to show the latest clothes that we can buy for work and leisure time.
SG: But isn't leisure time AT work for you?

JC: I don't think you understand, this is HARD WORK.

SG: Ok so you have developed a procedure to help Social Internet Workers improve the quality of their Message Boards?

JC: I've personally met with many of personal friends who are SIE's across the country on conference calls and online conferences and it's important that we dig deep and think on issues that go on in our lives and come to work and ask others for their opinions to stir up good dialogue within these message boards.

SG: Where do you see the Social Internet Industry in the next 5 years?

JC: As long as folks do just enough work at work to get by, and as long as firewalls are as loose as they are now..........this can be a great industry.