Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sal's Corner

Last week we talked about things that were something LIKE the real thing but NOT the real thing. Today we are gonna talk about RETAILERS and their ploys to take our money for a bad product. Now if Im paying for something, dont say "Oh its some'n like it", JUST go back to the drawing board. And thats REAL! Don't sell me nothing cheap or worth NO value. Now onto the good stuff

*STORES THAT SELL JERSEY's" - Let me brief those who aren't aware of the "Jersey" game. First you have authentic jerseys and replica jerseys. Authentics are what the players wear. Designed down to the smallest detail of exactly how the uniforms that the players wear would look. Replicas are the ones that your 7 year old son sleeps in. THEN you have Throwbacks and Current Jerseys. A Throwback is JUST THAT. A Throwback to the DISTANT past. A current jersey is a player's jersey with the current team they are playing for. ALSO teams change schemes in their jersey design so a "current" jersey is not a player for the same team but the old style jersey. HERE is where our retailers try to get over. Say a player gets traded. They try to drop the price a TAD bit on the jersey that he wore with his former team. RETAILERS.........TAKE THAT AS A LOSS. Im not spending $125 on a Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings jersey. Dont try to dump that sorrow on ME. You didnt move the jersey quick enough, he got traded and YOU gotta take the loss. YALL NEED TO STOP THAT...........FOR REAL!

* THERMALS - Ok this is the big thing for guys. The JJ EVANS Longjohns. But RETAILERS take it TOO far. Ive seen Thermals with hoodies now. I dont think yall heard me.............THERMALS with HOODIES. AND the Drawstring! AND for the summer they gave you the SHORT SLEEVE THERMAL. If its SHORT SLEEVED.......its supposed to keep me COOL. How would a thermal shirt help me in the summer????? Yall tryna get our money! YALL NEED TO STOP THAT.......FOR REAL!

* XXL - Double X L. YES that amount of cotton still exists in MEN's STORE. Its a shame that I go into MEN's stores and they dont have XXL. In an ideal world..........Smalls and Mediums wouldn't be available in Men's Stores.......Cause we are MEN not BOYS! BOYS wear XS shirts from The GAP. And then whats considered to be XXL in some stores is Double Tight! Make a man's pair of jeans. Or a Man shirt for once. YALL NEED TO STOP THAT.........FOR REAL!

* CHEAP SHOES ARE JUST THAT - CHEAP! Ever notice the shoes that are on sale are never the ones you want. Contrary to belief, everyone knows that Ugly Shoes are Ugly. Non-fashionable shoes are non-fashionable in the eyes of most. That's why the Lugz Boots are on sale for $37 and the shoes you want are $125. And they aren't going down on the price ANYTIME SOON!

* SPRINT WITH NEXTEL - Yes this post has been mostly about clothing but we gotta talk about PHONES right quick. First of all IM NOT FEELING THIS SPRINT/NEXTEL merger. Sprint is ran by the mafia, Im convinced about that. They are ruthless but........here's my story. I have a Nextel. My VERY FIRST BILL was for 2 months. They let you ride for 2 months without a bill and that first one came and I had an option of paying the full bill or one month's worth. So Im like this......."You not gonna get 2 months outta me!" So I paid the past due balance for the last year on every month. NOW this whole merger thing is involved........Friday I did my usual and paid the minimum or past balance due. NOW last night..........my phone says "Ready" and not "NEXTEL". And for Nextel owners "Ready" is a sign that your phone's service is restricted. IM HEATED. I JUST paid that bill and now Im gonna have to pay the FULL BALANCE. So I PAID the full balance last night. Dropped it like it was HOT! My phone is still saying "Ready" hours later. The message that they tell me is "It takes a while for the phone to come back to regular service". MAN it didnt take hours to CUT my phone OFF. You did it immediately. Yall didnt sit around and say "Oh we gotta wait an hour to cut his phone off". That was done ASAP. NEXTEL AND SPRINT.........YALL NEED TO STOP..........LIKE FOR REAL!

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

"The Ghetto Geisha of the Green Line"
By Bill Cashmere

(This guy is an avid reader of the blog and wanted to say some things to you that were on his mind. Now I introduce you to BILL CASHMERE)


I wanna apologize for the delay. Its been a long time coming. I wanna say shout out to my comrade Sal for lettin me speak on some issues. This is Bill, Bill Cashmere the international, never irrational, always radical man of mystery that is. Nah my name aint William, lets establish that right now. Ladies and gentlemen, it feels good to finally come out here, and speak on some things that go on in our everyday community.


One day you were riding the subway like any other day, this day was no different than the last, except for her. YES HER... "money" on the train, and I aint talkin bout loose change, im talking bout the ghetto geisha, the green line watusi princess. YES Her, and she was BADDDDDDD my friend. Wow u thought, shorty is looking righteous, you play it cool as everyone board the train. You say " i gotta get at this joint," and lo and Behold you both have the same stops. But you can't get at her today for some odd reason, any other joint you woulda been on it, but today you may have other reasons, your shape up aint quiet as fresh, your rows aint done, you aint got on that shirt that makes you feel like a million bucks, the quietness on the train while you be hollaring...whateva. I don't know bout you all, but it seems like EVERYONE, is paying attention when you getting at a female on the train. All eyes are on you. So what do you do? You think "Man ima wait till tomorrow". Katonio gonna give u that fresh haircut, or Keisha gonna make sure your rows is extra tight. That dress shirt you got is always a killer, you goin hurt the whole train riding to work when you show up tomorrow. So you wait go to work, you may be coming home from work that day and you go home and rehearse the whole convo in your mind "Ron Burgandy" style. You READY to make your move. You seen shorty a few times, so you know this wasn't no one time thing. Then here comes the moment of the truth, your gear is right, your hair is tight, everything is solid right??? And WHAT HAPPENS, YOU DON'T SEE HER, YOU LOOK AROUND, calmly of course, BUT SHE AINT HERE. "What happened?? I was ready today!!" Then you wonder what went wrong what stopped you the previous day? Well you wanted to be "Ron Burgandy" and put on a show for the people and it turns out that you don't even see her the next day, or the following Monday. "Ah well" is what you say to yourself. Eventually you don't really pay it no mind, and one day you might've had to wear the least favorite shirt, you may still be tired the previous nights partying, and what happens YOU SEE HER....... and you back to square one

So the moral of this story is always try to look good, and hop on the opportunity cuz if not, when you are finally ready, she rapping to 1 of her wack co-workers or she aint there.