Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sal's Corner

Come on yall. Let's be real. Time out for all this faking. If it aint the real thing, it just aint real and it aint worth our time. Either you is or you aint. I dont wanna hear "Oh Im Some'n like it". If you not, you not.

* "PLAY COUSINS" - Black folk are the worst. We be like 37 still talking about "Thats my Play Cousin, Denisha". Denisha is not your cousin, play cousin or nothing! Stop saying that. Why cant yall JUST be good friends? HUH? WHY? Is is THAT hard. "Good Friend" is much easier and it's a better description than "Play Cousin". People usually say "Thats my cousin" when they aren't cousins because they think that "play cousin" is cool and they wanna be related to them. Have some pride about YOURSELF. You don't need them to be your cousin. A good friend is all you need. Leave that "Play Cousin" talk in the sandbox. You better not be walking around in the Department of Labor office talking about "My Play Cousin Shirley had her 3rd Baby this morning..........well we not cousins but........WE SOME'THIN LIKE IT"

* "I DONT GO TO CHURCH BUT, I BELIEVE IN GOD" - Come on man. Not now. I dont feel like going through this. Why we got to always go through this. See me, Im not one to press people out about church. But I know what I believe and I pray to be a good example for others. But, why is it when you ask a nigga if he believe in Jesus he gotta give you the "Im saying.......I dont go to church persay but, I do believe in God". There yall go.......SOME'THIN like it. "Like I aint gonna say Im a Christian but........Im SOME'THIN LIKE IT". Dog you buy into what you believe. So if you believe in God, it would make sense for you to go to church at least once a month. I'll give you a 3 week layoff. Catcha pre-game show or something but homie, you aint been since 87 Easter. You dont believe in GOD. So dont say that. And church aint the "end all be all" cause it's whats in your heart but 18 Easters ago is a bit much.

* "MY WIFE" - All yall 36 and up folk...........stop calling your girlfriends you "WIFE". "Yeah my wife and I are going to Atlantic City". But yall filing separately and her ID dont say Wilkins at the end. It says Davenport. What's that about? See what it is........folk think that the term "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" is too childish when you get 43. Well........25 year relationships with no marriage in sight is just AS childish. Get married and get on. Stop lying at your job saying that's your husband. The only thing you and Melvin went half on is that furniture from Rent-A-Center.

* "I WENT TO SCHOOL DOWN NORTH CAROLINA FOR A YEAR" - It's always some drunk or pipehead tryna talk your head off about how they went to "A&T" for a semester in '81. Man I dont wanna hear that. Did you finish? If not that's ok. Everybody got circumstances that are beyond their control. BUT...dont KEEP tellin me everytime you see me "Yeah you know I was down the way at North Carolina A&T in '74".

* "WELL THAT AINT MY BOYFRIEND" - WHAT is it then? Im a tell you like this, if I gotta girlfriend, Im a let you know. It aint gonna be alot of questions. YES or NO. Im not beating around the bush. She a "friend" that "I see" or my "GIRL". You ask a nigga a question and he give you like a paragraph. "Aight see.......Im saying.......we chill but.......I mean........like.........aight naw we not like that but.......I mean we do be chilling". Dont ask a female if that's her boyfriend. "Well, I like him, he's cool, smart, has a sense of humor and has a good head on his shoulders.....he's a good friend." She'll give ALL the attributes but never will say "YES" or "NO".

Just get right

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"