Thursday, September 22, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

I have a fascination with "Boost" mobile phones. It's interesting to me how folks who have THAT BAD of a credit report that can't get a regular phone and they have to pay as they go. I'm not "Mr 800 Credit Score" myself but dag if you gotta drop more than $200 on a deposit something is wrong. "Thats neither here nor there" but anyway.

I've noticed that many of us need "Boost Mobiles" ourselves. Not the phones though. This "Boost Mobile" is slightly different. Although people with bad "credit" often need these types of "Boost Mobiles". This "Boost Mobile" maybe a compliment from the opposite sex. Maybe a free dinner. Maybe an opportunity to say "Hey that guy tried to talk to me". Yeah most of these "Boost Mobiles" are needed for females. Simply because they question the whereabouts of "GOOD MEN". So they need a male to bend over backwards to deliver a "Boost Mobile" to them. No one is perfect. So you'll be looking forever. And it always seems that the people who need "Boost Mobiles" always want the BEST service. But your "credit" is bad. "Credit" meaning your HISTORY. NO we haven't forgot when you used to mess wit "Lil Tony" and you were giving him your checks to buy CRACK on wholesale. Yeah all you "Boost Mobile" ladies love them crack dealers. Or how bout when "Greg" used to beat you. Or what about "Deshawn" who you basically took care of like a son? All the while "Steve" that worked diligently at Safeway was right there. He tried to approach you but his short sleeve shirt and his "Have it your way at Safeway" button on his uniform wasn't for you. What about "Rick" who delivered packages for UPS. His legs were ashy one day in the brown shorts so that turned you off. Right in your face but, you wanted the "other" dudes. The ones on the wild side. See all this led to you having to get a "Boost Mobile". You can't get a "plan". You need to pay that bill on that "Boost Mobile" before you get more "minutes". You looking for a male to prove to you that he is good. All because of your "bad credit". Get your "credit" in order then you can have some of the things you want.

So the next time you ask "Where the Good Men at", they are here.......the real question is