Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sal's Corner

When I first started this site I vowed never to steer my folk in a bad direction or towards a path that they need not travel. So as always "Im just doing ma' job". I gotta keep yall straight. See this summer is HOT and all of yall acting like the Fall aint coming. Every year we go through this. It's as if niggas aint NEVER seen snow before or a brown crumbly leaf or two. So before you get engulfed in this heat, remember the cool and cold shall come. I'm just hear to tell you who to stay away from during the fall

* PEOPLE W/ BROKEDOWN CARS - Granted, im not in the clear on this subject but people.........we're getting to old to be riding in cars with No Heat or windows that wont roll up. FORD's are the only cars that are guaranteed to have heat but they also have faulty windows. So its a 50/50 situation, ya dig? Everything else is up in the air. Just make sure the people you're riding with have HEAT and good windows that roll up.

* LADIES WEARING PONCHOS - YEAH........I KNOW I MENTIONED THIS ONE MANY TIMES BEFORE.........SO WHAT! IM SAYING IT AGAIN, AND WHAT? Im not gonna stop till the people making these dont make NO MO MONEY. Im tired of yall women and this hairy sheets yall wear over yall. And the attitude yall attain once you put them on. You can't say nothing to a woman with a PONCHO on. It must be the material. Like my mother always says "Im a FIX you". Im a start cutting up rugs and putting holes in em and selling em. If I gotta deal wit yall women this fall and these ponchos, Im gonna at least make some money off them

* PEOPLE WHO TRYNA MOVE OUTTA TOWN - Niggas always tryna move to North Carolina, Houston or Atlanta. Like a move will magically make their life different. YOU gotta learn how to live where you ARE first. Its nothing wrong with wanting to move if you gotta plan or if the city you wanna live in fits more with your career. If you are an actor........moving to L.A. might be the best move. Music may lead you to New York but if you just mad cause your job aint paying enough and you done ran outta websites to BS on during the day, take a cold shower

* AMATEUR HOME IMPROVEMENT DUDES - If you own a house, remember its an investment. Spend good money on it. Bill and Nook aren't the niggas to rely on to do work on your house. You want a Jacuzzi installed dont rely on them niggas. Im telling you!!!!!!!!! Drunk Painters are tricky as well. Niggas come in your house wit BUD ICE and a radio. Its a wrap. Then you take off work JUST to be there but, they wanna talk to you ALL DAY. Nigga Im here but dont act like Im here..........just paint.

* CHURCHES WITH OLD SIGNS - You ever been to a church and you walk up and the sign on the outside says "120th Anniversary" but then as you read on its says "1865-1985"? That sign has been up there for 20 years. Come on now? I know its only 3 members in the church including the pastor but, one of em could hold the ladder and the other two could get up there and pull that old sign down? Dontcha think? I mean if I walk to a church and see a 20-year old sign I gotta question the growth going on in the church.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"