Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sal's Corner
"The BREAKUP Part 2"

Today we will discuss phrases often used towards the end of a relationship. These maybe key words to remember so pay attention.

* "YOU DONT ACT THE SAME ANYMORE" - If this is said to you.........you probably have crossed the line to an extent. You used to be the funny person who was care free. Now you concerned about everywhere I go and who I'm with. The people who say "Oh yeah nothing bothers me", are the ones who turn around and are your worst nightmare. Thats why you cant try to be perfect early one. You'll end up having this said to you. And it makes you feel guilty. Simply because NO ONE wants to be told that they lost their coolness.

* "I NEED SPACE" - This is an intermediate level of breaking up. This is still the early stages of the breakup and how you respond if this is said to you can determine what happens. "You dont act the same anymore" is kinda the "lead in" to this phrase. Interpretations as follows. MALES: this means "Im cheating and you are close to catching. OR I have my eye ON a target as we speak. And I dont need you all up on me as I zoom in on my target". FEMALES: this means, "you are weak. I would cheat on you if another man was available AT this very moment. I dont know WHO Im a sleep with BUT Im a sleep with somebody cause you my friend are as tired as a day on 2 hours of sleep."

* "I HATE YOU" - This is never what you think it means. It doesnt mean they hate you. He/She is just mad that you really got them in an unstable emotional state. At this point they LOVE you more than ever. They are just mad that you have THIS much power over them. The battle isnt lost at this point. When someone says "I HATE YOU", say "BUT I LOVE YOU". That will give you at least 30 seconds to think of something to say after that. From there, I cant help you.

* "SO WHATS UP?" - This is more of a male-oriented statement. After all the initial arguments and the quiet/silent time the guy usually comes up with this blanket statement. Basically "What is we gon' do"? Cause as males, we just do things like that. Instead of "Im Sorry" or "Let's start over", it's a "So whats really good"? That makes the female EVEN angrier. And the arguments begin ALL OVER again.

* "YOU GOT ME F*CKED UP" - See, the barometer has just been turned up. Things were looking to be on the up and up. NOW.........something was said. WHAT was said is uncertain but SOMETHING turned the tide back to bad. When you hear someone say "OH NAW, YOU GOT ME F*CKED UP", you said the worst possible thing.

* "GET YOUR THINGS" - There's no turning back at this point. Its a wrap. What's done is done. Now if he/she throws your stuff out the window or rips its up.....thats equivalent to "I hate you", they really dont want you to leave but you've gotten the best of them at that point. BUT the calm request to get your things...........thats about it. Bow out gracefully.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"