Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sal's Corner

As you know, Im always on my job furiously tryna find good info for you people to use at your discretion. NOW even when Im gone for a day or two, Im working. And now Im back. Back with some very important info. August is a tough month. Alot of "Summer Love" ends in August. Alot of break-ups occur during this time of the year. And I thought about it the other day.......about 5 years ago around this time I suffered a break-up. So for those "on the ropes", I feel what you may be going through. And for those who think it's "peaches and cream", stats say 50% of relationships end in breakups or divorce. So TODAY Im talking to my FELLAS. Here are some things you need to be aware of during a break-up.

* IT'S NOT A ONE DAY THING - FELLAS, breakups arent a ONE DAY thing. Yeah you may have that BIG convo that changes yall situation BUT, there is a probation period. MOST of us think........."YES we might get back" BUT.....this period is like skating on thin ice. Even though that's your girl, you cant hold her hand during that period. You can't sit too close. You can't say the things you said before. Sometimes as a man we wish it would either JUST be over or JUST be back but.......its not that simple dealing with a woman.

Solution: Play the position she has made for you for a while. BE PATIENT. You might reach over to hug her and she might push away. Stay clear, just because she shows signs of yall possibly getting back doesnt mean you can jump over the line.

* QUICK CALLS - During this time of the breakup, SHE WILL make QUICK CALLS. Calls to ask you "What time Circuit City close?", "What kinda shoes should I get my lil brother?", "Whats the name of that song you be singing all the go like....some'n some'n and then WHHHHAT". And as soon as you answer her question........she says "Aight" and hangs up. You're Tee'd off. I KNOW right! Cause you try to start a convo and she basically is pulling your strings to see how long the puppet show will last.

Solution: Fellas, avoid phone convos altogether. You can't win during this period over the phone. She'll always react faster and more accurate than you will over the phone.

* SEEING HER FRIENDS - During this time period, HER friends KNOW every detail. So you see them in the street and they know about the love letters, arguements, flowers, tears, and begging you've done. SO you gotta play it cool. Dont say hello with a "Wimper". Be firm. Act as if nothing's wrong. They know you know that they know. Its like football. Leave the aggression and animosity on the field. Don't let them know you are mad.

Solution: Keep it moving. If you dont talk to her friends much beyond salutations, no need to now. BUT they will test you. "SO WHATS UP KEITH". Just say "Im doing fine". Dont get too sarcastic or "smart". Show love. Keep it moving

* SHE's NOT WITH ANOTHER DUDE - Fellas, just cause yall broke up doesn't mean she is out getting 100 phone numbers.........THATS WHAT WE DO when we break up. No seriously though. Thats our biggest hangup. We think she automatically has forgotten about us. She hasn't. She is just waiting during this probabtion period to see how we act and react before she makes a power move.

Solution: HAVE PATIENCE. Thats all I can say.

* "I DIDNT MEAN TO CALL YOU" - Females are petty. Face it. They do things as a reminder that they are in control. You know how it is........yall argue. Yall have argued alot lately. Finally you say "lets cool off and go our ways for a while". You do that. But, you wanna see her and talk to her BAD. So you still sitting in the house wondering.......IS she gonna call me. Then you see "Keisha Martin" show up on the Caller ID. Your heart JUMPS. You think "YEAH SHE WANT ME BACK" but you gotta keep calm. So you answer and you think you're in there. "Hello" says you. "Whats up, is this Greg" says Keisha. Now Greg, this throws you for a loop cause she never questioned if it was you or not. The she says the worst thing you could hear in this situation. "OHH Greg, I didnt mean to call you". And you sit there on the phone...........and your heart drops. And you almost are led to anger but you love Keisha too much. And then she hangs up. And you are really thrown for a loop now.

Solution: Go outside. GO SOMEWHERE. Cut ya phone off. If she "accidentally" called your phone, she'll "accidentally" get your voicemail. Cause we both know she aint "accidentally" call you. She's playing games

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"