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A good friend of mine is running a marathon on behalf of AIDS Research. I KNOW we JOKE on here alot but this is serious. For more info read directly below

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By Salvador Gabor

BLACK & BUNK Magazine spotlights Cise Montgomery. Cise Montgomery is a lifelong DC native known for his promoting skills. Cise has hyped up many of elementary schoolyard fights since 1973. He even charged students to see the fights in the bathrooms and hallways of K.C. Miller Elementary and Terrell Jr. High School. In 1981, Cise graduated from Spingarn High School and went on the pursue a career in boxing which was short lived when he took a "dive" and purposely lost a fight in exchange for $2,500. Cise hyped up his friends to bet on him as he took on Arthur Jacobs at the Convention Center. Cise got his big money associates all rowled up and they placed heavy bets ON him. Meanwhile, he was betting against himself and others were too. Some of the big money betters offered him the $2,500 to lose purposely and he did so. He won his secret bets AND walked away with $2,500. His friends eventually found out about his secret bet and they didnt get too mad. "Thats just CISE being CISE" says Alfred Jenkins, a childhood friend of Cise.

Cise would go on and make all of his friends alot of money. He also kept his friends in trouble so they got used to being fooled and hyped up for nothing. His name even became the basis for slang in Washington, D.C. "Anytime somebody would hype us up all for nothing we would say 'Nigga you CISING, or thats a CISE'" says Benjamin "Tulie" Moncrief. CISE was truly a hypeman of his time period. As he grew older, he began to utilize his abilities to his advantage. He began promoting boxing matches, parties, "speak easy's" and other local events in the D.C. area in the 80's. "He could get ANYBODY hyped about ANY event. He could sell an African a Wool Jacket" says Monte Williams.

Cise became a big name in the city of Washington, D.C. Although he reached maximum profits from being a "hypeman", this all came at the disapproval of his father. John Montgomery better known as "PREcise" was a man of truth. He once was a promoter in the 50's and 60's. But his truthful ways through and through made it hard for him to keep business. "If the party wasnt pumpin, he would tell you. He'd say its gonna cost you 10 to get in but, no ones in there. Cise didnt take after his father at all" says Junkie Wayne from Silver Spring. "Precise" was always about one thing..........telling you EXACTLY what the deal was. He was called "PRE-Cise" because he was before CISE and also he was always on point, correct and exactly where he needed to be. Cise always found a way to add on to the story. "See Cise right........he the type of nigga that will tell you the party jumpin JUST cause its ONE pretty girl in there and HE got her number, that nigga aint right, Im tellin you" says Darnell McGruder

As the years have gone by, CISE has continued to make profits off of the easily fooled people of this world. CISE was rumored to have made $2,537,000 since 1987 from hyping people to join pyramids alone. CISE was also subpoenaed to the District of Columbia Court System for 37 murder and assault trials throughout the mid to late 90's. "He was quick to tell a dude.........MAN SHOOT THAT NIGGA" says Randy Glover.

CISE's legacy will live on forever. There will never be a better hypeman in the streets of Washington, D.C. Never again will we see such promotion of gambling, fighting and foolish investments. BLACK & BUNK spotlights.................Cise of the best Nigga Entreprenuers of the Century

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