Thursday, August 11, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

National Niggagraphic in association with "THE BLACK PENTAGON" presents the first and initial installment of "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?". JUST when you thought they were gone, this segment showcases certain types of folk that may have slipped under your radar.

Today's installment will be dedicated to the Grey yet Frizzled Jheri Curl. YES, many people are HOLDING desperately to their Jheri's. Most of these folk are over the age of 40 and they are greying very rapidly. Even despite the refutes by kids and grandkids, ole Rodney is holding on to his hair. He likens it to Sampson. Yet there is NO power in a 21st Century Jheri Curl.

You have to watch these "Last of the Mohican" Jheri Curls. It's something strange about the people who wear these do's today. For one, they arent as moisterized as they once were. Its always as if they want that stiff look about themselves. You can catch them at Buffet's. They don't like fancy restaurants. Thats why you haven't seen them. The frizzled Jheri Curl enhances their emotions. Thats why cry when they drink and feel a need to SING a song at a retirement party or at a birthday party or reception instead of the conventional "2 or 3 words".

I pity these folks, for even in the midst of their outdated hairdo's, they dont even think enough of themselves to walk forward in life in other areas. They still wear old clothes such as faded tight black jeans and leather vests. And often time you can see them crusin' in a CONVERSION van. The kind with the CB antennas on the back and the "My other car is a Buick" stickers. The grey yet frizzled Jheri Curl wearer often just sits in their CONVERSION van. They may ride over to see "Mamma Nem" but never gets out. Lucille's grandbaby will come out to the car and give them a plate to go.

The grey yet, frizzled jheri curl wearer is around yet, he/she is quite depressed. It's hard not being able to go to your grandkids assemblies because the kids will tease them about their grandfather. Its hard for a woman with this look to go to the hairdresser. These young cosmetologists have no idea of what to do with FRIZZLE.

So the question at hand is.........where do they go from here.......not WHERE are they? We know where they are now. We have to figure out how to lead them into modern times. Kids, be a bridge into the future if this is your "big mamma" or "Pa-Pa" im referring to. Let them know its ok to put away the "Whats Love Gotta Do With It" Tina Turner albums and the Frankie Beverly T-Shirts. Its OK! IT REALLY IS. Take the spoons down off the wall. Let it go. We are no longer there. It takes hard work but kids its in your grandparents and uncles and aunts' best interest.

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