Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Where is I.?"
by Reggie Dinkins Jr

"Where is I.?" is a collection of memoirs by the black proactivitionist Issac Varnum Dupree. Dupree is a man known throughout the Florida Park section of Washington, DC who really was proactive and positive about black thought throughout the 1970's. He often examined the concerns of the black people, whether they were concerns they knew or or not. He formed the Black Awareness group "We Us Self Them", also known as W.U.S.T.

W.U.S.T. was a safe haven for a Northwest DC group of Black thinkers. Before Mos Def and Talib Kweli it was brothers like Dupree who examined the state of the Black Nation. His group was free to examine Blackballing, Whitewashing, and Watering the Lawn. "Watering the Lawn" was a phrase used to identify how the white man kept his money green with the water or sweat off the black man's back. "You know Mr. Bobo needs mulch to keep that garden growing," said Dupree during one of these closed meetings of the W.U.S.T. The group really examined what We as a Black People can do for Us for Self despite Them, being the white man.

His collection of memoirs "Where is I.?" was thought to be one of the smallest most profound pieces of inner urban literature in the 1970's. Issac really delve into the thought that the black man really didn't know his place and was just treated as mulch covered in maure as the white man grew his garden so to speak. This book was also used to mark the secret code language of the Black Pentagon, a major faction throughout the Black Community even today. A gifted linguist, Dupree could magnify the meaning of something as simple of two liquor stores in a one block radius with a simple phrase of Black Code, "Bobo put that dinner bell on the door to keep the hungry running towards a feast, but they aint getting nothing but a taste. A taste of that poison." It is believed that Dupree and other members of W.U.S.T. were members of the Black Pentagon, and Dupree was the Under Secretary of Urban Special Teams. This was never proven, but his presumed link to the Black Pentagon is believed to be the reason for his disappearance.

Dupree turned up missing after a meeting in the backroom of a Sursum Corda laundromat, and it is believed that white leaders kidnapped him to cease empowerment within the black community. His absence has left many alley leaders and backroom diplomats reading his memoirs and asking "Where is I.?"