Monday, July 25, 2005

Sal's Corner

I'm a life-long resident of Washington D.C. and ONE thing I've noticed is that D.C. people LOVE to butcher someone's name. We JUST can't pronounce a nigga's name right for the world. And the sad part is, the few folks who do speak the King's English WONT speak up and tell these "ignint" folks that they are pronouncing the word wrong. Below I have listed the Top 10 Names/Places/Establishments that D.C. Folks mess up horribly

10) BARRY FARMS - Its not BARRY'S FARMS. Marion Barry didnt build the Barry Farms Housing Complex. Its Not HIS farms.

9) ROTO-TOMS - These are instruments often used by go-go bands in the DC area. They resemble the percussion instruments used by Sheila E. and Tito Puente. But for some STRANGE reason.....niggas gotta call em "ROLLATONS".

8) CURTBONE - Curtis "Curtbone" Chambers, owner and CEO of ALLDAZ (A local clothing line) is know for fashion as well as in the streets of D.C. during the 80's. He is a well-known party promoter as well. But I dont wanna hear "Girl we need to go to that KIRK BONE party this saturday" ANY MORE. It's CURT NOT KIRK. You've seen him on the Rayful Edmond DVD and his NAME is at the bottom when he its NO EXCUSE anymore.

7) BIG G - Most people know BIG G AKA "GHENGHIS" from being the leader of one of D.C.'s most popular bands, The Backyard Band which specializes in Go-Go Music. Now others may have seen him on HBO's Series "The Wire". Since he has gained fame across the country, I imagine many D.C. people do searches for him on the internet. Well just for the record, its RALPH ANWAN GLOVER. NOT ANTWAN or ANWAR. You got people running around D.C. talkin' bout "Man his FIRST name is GHENGHIS". Or "Man I KNOW its ANTWAN, I remember we was down the court building on the same day, its ANTWAN, Im telling you".

6) MARION BARRY - First of all, just to be clear........Marion Barry WAS D.C.'s Mayor but, HIS NAME IS NOT MAYOR BARRY. Many folk think "MAYOR" is his first name. Its MARION, not MAYOR. Get it right.

5) LAVERNUES COLES - Now I know the correct spelling of his name does not go along with how it should be pronounced but...........the nigga's name is pronounced LA-VER-NEE-US. He from the country aight....blame it on that. But after hearing the commentators....who happened to be PAID to get names right say his name a Million'd think DC niggas would get it right, right? WRONGGGGGGGGG. They say "Laverny". They might not say the "S" on Coles. Just "Laverny Cole". I mean come on, I KNOW Malt Liquor makes you act wild but does it make you THAT DUMB

4) SURSOM CORDAS - NOW for those who don't know, SURSOM CORDAS is a neighborhood/project/complex IMFAMOUS for crime and poverty. It's also one of the more known neighborhoods on the Go-Go circuit. I think we can blame "BIG G" of the BACKYARD BAND for most of the mispronounced versions of this neighborhood. I can recall him calling out the hood in shows as "SERGEANT QUARTERS" or "SEARCHIN QUARTERS". A family member of mine (WHICH I shall not reveal) often refers to the neighborhood as "SERTICUT QUARTERS".

3) HORACE & DICKIE's - This famous Fish Spot located in the heart of DC has filled bellies for years with locations in Anacostia and H St. The only problem is.........if you dont know where those locations are and you try to call 411 you may NEVER get the number. "AH yes, lemme get the number for HOSS and DICKEY". Or how bout "IS there a HORSE and DICKY on Martin Luther King Avenue?". Ladies and Gentlemen........repeat after me......."HORE-RUSS". NOT HOSS. NOT HORSE. Simple........two syllables. Take your time.........get it together

2) DREAM (NIGHTCLUB) - *DEEP BREATH*........stop saying "DREAMS". Its DREAM. Why the unneeded "S"? Like for real!!!!! You can tell folk that dont get out much. They might hit the town ONCE a year cause they finally found a babysitter for ONE night to watch all 7 of their kids. "Girl we going down DREAMS tonight, celebrating my girl Gina's 43rd Birthday". First of all, yall need to be somewhere besides the club at 43. How bout brunch, a boat ride or a restaurant on the harbor. But no..........Earnestine and Gina going down "DREAMS" tonight. I've driven passed New York Avenue many-a-days and Ive never seen an Apostophe and a "S" on that sign. Its ONLY D R E A M. No "S".

1) RAYFUL EDMOND III - This name is a riddle, oxy moron and a mystery ALL IN ONE. Im willing to bet that only 15% of the D.C. Population can pronounce his name correctly. Shoooot, Im guilty I thought it was Edmonds with an "S" (And I got the nerve to talk about DreamS). And for God's sake only about 7% of the black males under 35 in D.C. can pronounce Rayful's first name correctly. You might get "Rayfa", "Rayfuls" or the MOST INFAMOUS MISHAP of a name in D.C. Narcotic History......................"RAYFUS". WHY do niggas call this man "RAYFUS". And once you INFORM a dude that his name is actually RAYFUL, they STILL insist on callin' him "RAYFUS". And when a dude says "Rayfus", he gotta say it like 17 times in his story. Rayful Edmond III is one of the most talked about Drug Dealers in D.C. History, so it's understandable but still.......its 2005, the movie about the man's life is OUT on DVD. I KNOW you read the get the name right...... "RAYFUL".

One thing I can say for all Negro DC Folks.......we DO know how to pronounce General TSO's Chicken

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"