Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sal's Corner
"TEMPerature's RISING"

The summer is here. As we know, the rate of TEMP positions in the workplace increases heavily during this time of the year. TEMPS are an interesting group of folks. Today we will look into the lives of TEMPS in the workplace

* HOW DO YOU BECOME A TEMP? - Now I know many folks come out of school and TEMP for a while till they get a permanent offer. But sometimes you be having folks thats like 45 TEMPING? And you might catch a glance of their resume and they've been TEMPING since 27??????? Just professional TEMPS HUH? Thats what you do huh? Come in for a lil while.......get the job done.......keep it moving HUH? I respect it.......I guess

* LUNCH PERIOD - A great man once said "Those who who can't.......DONT". TEMPS cant take extra time on a break. TEMPS, you can NOT do it. You think you "In Like Flin" cause you going to eat with Gladys and Monica on the 3rd Floor. NO you have to be back @ 1:00 P.M. SHARP. People forget their are temps sometimes.

* HOLIDAYS - Temps dont get paid for Holidays so they be tryna come right on in on Labor Day. "I mean........that could be a day where I could get some filing done". NO Keisha, see you TUESDAY.

* ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING - TEMPS always about to get SET OUT or somebody is in need out of town or something WILD. Its like those situations can be overlooked if they are made permanent but until then when 2nd Uncle George on your ex-boyfriend's side of the family is sick in GOTZ to go down there. But I respect that. Employers want dedication from TEMPS but you gotta be dedicated to TEMPS as well by hiring them. Until that point a TEMP is never gonna be loyal and you as an employer gotta deal with "Sore Throat", "I gotta pick up Lil Keyon" and "I gotta case of Diarrhea" every other day

* CONVO's IN THE OFFICE - OK temps he SO excited to fit in. They say ANYTHING. Now you know as Black Folks, we front in the office. We act all siddity when we really arent. I might see you in da street. Im walking to a store and you might be outside smoking weed wit a brew in your hand, Im not gonna say nothing on Monday when I see you other than "Hello". But TEMPS.......they see out on the weekends and then come YELLIN' in da hallway........."MAN I seen you down there talkin to that girl wit da short shorts on man down at Howard did you BAG HER????"

Watch out for these people yall. Im telling you! "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"