Monday, July 18, 2005

Sal's Corner

Today we will talk about an interesting situation that Ive noticed has evolved into a problem. TAGS. Yes automobile tags. This has gone from simply a manner in which law enforcement, insurance agencies and the Department of Motor Vehicles keep up with drivers and their automobiles to personal advertisements of who you are, where you are from, what team you like to root for and what association you belong to. We need to talk a bit people

* NEW YORKERS - Ok first off, you ever noticed.......New York people NEVER stay IN New York? Is New York THAT bad. You always run into a New York Nigga somewhere in South Carolina. Still representing wit da Air Max 95's, the Doo-Rag and the Knicks Hat in Wal-Mart somewhere in Spartansburg. And they QUICK to tell you they from "Uptop YO". And then you go to the parking lot and see them pull off. Now they have South Carolina Tags.......but the tags are personalized.........and that's where they go wrong. "NY's FINEST" or "BK2DEATH" or "BRONXSON". If you not in NY........and you dont have NY tags........WHY you got some NY propaganda on your tags?

* RELIGIOUS PHRASES - If you got a 5 series BMW or a Maxima or a 4-Runner for that matter, aint no need in getting some tags that said "GOD DID IT". "THANKS2GOD" or even "BLESSEDME". A maxima aint no marquis car. GOD didnt do going to work and paying bills on time to have good credit did that. Now if you make $30,000 a year and you JUST so happened to test drive a Bentley and the man said you are approved to finance a GT Coupe..........THEN THATS WORTHY OF SHOUTING and catching the HOLY GHOST on the showroom floor

* SORORITY TAGS - Fellas.........if your girl is in a sorority, limit your driving of her car if she got the Sorority Tags on the back. Now if she got the TAG Border, it aint cool to be all up in there chilling like thats YOUR S 430 Benz. But if you got the TAG Border AND the tags are personalized "AKA4LIFE"...........dont even ask for the keys. Cause nothing is worse than 4 dudes headed out on the town and they packed up in a car wit Sorority Tags. You aint getting NO women that night if your boy is driving his girl car around stuntin'. And if you MUST drive the car, drive it like its NOT your car. Pull the seat all the way up, buckle your safety belt, and drive with 2 hands. You gotta make it known its not yours.

* NO TAGS - Being from "da hood", I've experienced some crazy things. I had a dude tell me "Look, lemme use your BACK tag and I drive RIGHT behind you real close and we both ride over to the shop so I can get my car fixed?". WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I look doing something CRAZY like that. In the hood, using tags is as common as borrowing sugar. You might have 4 dudes wit 4 different cars sharing ONE set of TAGS. They might even be sharing "PAPER TAGS". NIGGAS....I tell ya.

In the future, go to the DMV just get the tags they assigned you and keep it basic

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"