Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sal's Corner

For those who have been reading this blog since day one, "The Day You Found Out" was the original post on this site. Now a little over a year and a half later I feel a need to do a part 2. Why? Dont ask me. I just feel a need to do so. There are alot of days that change your life.

The Day You Found Out.............YOUR FRIEND HAD A JHERI CURL - For those that dont know....I have a fascination with Jheri Curls. I've often wanted one. JUST so I could shake it when my favorite song comes on. But seriously, this is such a drastic change for a person in such a quick time period. Say for example, a person grows dreds. You haven't seen them in 2 years. Now you see them and they are "dreaded" up. Now you have to take into consideration that people can grown that type of hairstyle in the midst of a 2-year period. But the Jheri Curl can be applied tonight and tomorrow your uncle looks like a back-up singer for a Mississippi Gospel Quartet. One week they have a bush and the next week your father AND mother are taking too long in the bathroom. WHAT do you do?

Solution: Look people in the eye. It's natural to stare at their hair if it looks crazy.......just focus on the eyes. Thats all I can say. Cause if Aunt Jessie breaks out the curl on you in '05..........what else CAN I SAY? I mean really

The Day You Found Out..........YOU GOT THE JOB - You be about to act a fool. Dont let it be a better paying job. You done already mapped out how you gonna spend this new "bread". You go get your lil fresh gear for the first week. You eye out the food spots at lunch. Everything is going smooth and all that. THEN........that first day that you have to stay late to finish some work "breaks you in". You're no longer the "Newby". Thats when you start talking to your friends. "I dont think I like this job no more". "They not paying me enough". But 2 months ago you had just planned out how you can buy another pair of shoes per month on this job???

Solution: Go into every job knowing that its not gonna be much different from what you've seen before. A Job is a Job is a Job.

The Day You Found Out..........YOU'RE MARRIED - This is hard for the fellas. Married men of all ages jump in and out of reality from time to time. The married guys always wanna "HANG OUT". Craig.........Tina is not going for that. Just face it. You gotta tell married dudes about events like 6 weeks in advance. They gotta fill out a Purchase Order to get permission to go out. Its worse than getting signatures for a government contract. But still niggas forget.........forget they are married. "Yeah its gonna be ALOT of women out this weekend". AND what does that mean to you? You still going home to Rhonda. Aint a thing changed. See, the day you get married is normally not the day you FIND out.........you're married. You don't find that out until somebody calls you @ 6:00 about an event that starts @ 7:00. You dont find out until we all are going out of town this weekend just to "ride out" and you gotta go look at blinds for the guest room in your house.

Solution: Dont get married..........sike.........take advantage of the time you have with the person you are married to. At the same time, find a way to do for your wife/husband on a "regular" day so that when those "special" days come around, you can ease on out wit da fellas or da girls.

The Day You Found Out.............YOU DONT HAVE IT ANYMORE - Yes this is a hard pill to swallow. And when you try to chop this pill down and eat it in its powdery substance, it tastes even worse. Its hard to say "I dont have it anymore". It's hard to put down the High School stories of teenage fame and athleticism. It's hard to see folk who went to school with you who were "nothing" and now they are "something". "Something" more than you are. YES it's hard. It's hard not to get all the attention you used to get when you played Football 3 or 4 years ago. Some of us still think it's 1998. We still think it's 1995 and every girl wants to still see us after the game. Well it's not. Some young kid wit cornrows and a flat stomach and enough stamina to last at least ONE pick up game has taken your spot. Oh ladies, yes dont think I have forgotten you. You were once the life of the party. The grand entrance at the cookouts of old have turned into....."Look at Kim, she is BUSTED UP after them 2 kids". You sashaying around in your lil summer dress like you ready to take a basketball out of your skirt wit da big bulge in the front. Give it up, or pick up a weight or something and lift it a few times. The new younger girls have taken over your territory. The guys you went to High School with that are 35 and still single.........they've taken those guys too.

Solution: I dont really know what to say on this one. Just get over it.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"