Friday, July 08, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

THIS JUST has announced that Clarence Turner of Oakland, Ca has lost a battle with the California Judicial System. He had a year long fight with the courts over a discrimination battle with a few Taverns & Bars in the Bay Area. Apparantly, he was deemed "too old to be UP in da club" by security guards at the front lobby of many taverns across the Vallejo, Oakland and San Francisco areas.

This is a FIRST in the history of nightlife in this country. Most people are denied entrance due to not being old enough. Clarence on the other hand was denied for being too old. "That nigga has had it. Im tired of seeing him in here doing it to himelf quite frankly, these young girls dont want him" says Miguel Jackson, Head of Security @ Club Bumpin' in Oakland.

Clarence plans to appeal his case. He hopes to party once again amongst the young nightlife. "Hmmmmmm NOBODY.....I mean NOBODY is gonna dim my shine, I shall Boogie Oogie" says Clarence. We shall see.