Tuesday, July 26, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A "REAL" MOVIE. Many folks who avidly read this site know that myself and other writers on this blog have joked around about books and television shows about Rayful Edmond but, THIS IS A REAL MOVIE.

"The Rise and Fall of Rayful Edmond III" (http://www.may3rdfilms.com) was an intriguing story about wealth, greed, poverty, betrayal and tragedy all set in the heart of Washington, D.C. in the 1980's and Early 1990's. The movie is a documentary that follows the life of Rayful Edmond III, a notorious drug dealer in the D.C. Area. during the time period in which Crack Cocaine first surfaced on the streets of urban cities throughout the U.S.. It was rumored that Edmond reaped gross profits between $30 and $70 Million dollars a month. It was also said that he accounted for 90% of the narcotics on the streets of Washington, D.C. Just with those numbers being thrown around, we can clearly see that a story such as this one would be very interesting.

The movie itself was a pretty good description and depiction of the life of Edmond. Some of Edmond's closest friends including Curtis "Curtbone" Chambers, Owner and CEO of ALLDAZ Clothing(http://www.alldaz.com) participated in the documentary giving chilling but true accounts of what took place during Edmond's Drug Reign in the streets of Washington, D.C.. Many remember Edmond for the money that he made, the murders that were attached to his drug organization, his association and friendship with NBA Star Alonzo Mourning and the end of his run which was capped off by a court room circus filled with cameras, bullet proof glasses and helicopters transporting Edmond back and forth from a cell to the court room. This movie brought out the untold parts of the story. The childhood of Edmond, which was filled with crimes such as illegal "numbers"/lottery being ran by his family. The unselfish and giving attitude he had towards those in his community. Also the trust he put in many friends who surrounded him which would later be his ultimate downfall.

One of the major "flaws" pointed out by many viewers of the movie was that the "reenactment" scenes didnt quite give and accurate view of how things were in the 80's. The cast was decked out in ALLDAZ Gear, which did not exist at the time in which this story actually took place. I personally didn't find that to be a major flaw. I thought it was a marketing scheme used by those involved with the movie since ALLDAZ Clothing had a major part in the making of the movie.

Overall, I thought the movie was great. I only wish that more people such as the legendary Go-Go Musicians, Athletes from that era, women who dated Edmond and others who were influential in the city would have had an opportunity to speak on their take of the life of Rayful Edmond from all aspects. Edmond is one of the most recognized persons over the last 50 years of Washington, D.C. History and his life and legacy has truly impacted the streets as we know them.

Look forward to more movies such as the "Life of Len Bias" and "The Alpo and Wayne Perry Story" from May3rdFilms.

There is also word that "V.I.P. The Victor Page Story" will be released in the future. Go to http://roundonemovie.com for more info on that.