Thursday, July 28, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

This is Salvador Gabor reporting live from "The 27th Annual Lightskinned Nigga" Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. So far, this week has been a captivating and spiritually enlightening experience. All pale and light brown brothers from across the United States have gathered to recapture the better days of our organization.

For the past few years, this society has been complacent with re-affirming our rightful position ontop of the totem pole. We have let the darker African-American Male take the pole position when it comes to entertainment in particular. Darker actors, athletes, model and artists have bombarded the television screens, print ads and minds of women in our sector. Even caucasian women go for the darker man. Dr. Lance "Silky" Witherspoon, Lightskin Nigga of the Year in 1986 delivered and spirit-ripping speech on "The State of the Lightskin Nigga"

"Silky" Witherspoon mentioned that we should not be worried about our kind being defeated for many more years. He cautioned us to be aware but not afraid. Many of the Lightskin Niggas in high positions in our society suggested that we use tactics of incest such as the "Proctors" but, "Silky" calmed those suggestions down. He said that the "Nappy Headed Lightskin Nigga" must take the forefront in our re-claiming of the thrown. "You cant go from Wesley Snipes to ElDebarge". A slow transition of takeover and power-struggle should be assumed.

Needless to say he did lift our spirits. He reminded us that we still be members at Country Clubs, we didnt have to shave to help white folks not be scared of us, we still could walk down the sidewalk and folks not changes sides of the street and most importantly.........ladies will always rub our hair.

Ahh it was refreshing to leave this conference with a plain knowledge of who I am as a Lightskin Nigga

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A "REAL" MOVIE. Many folks who avidly read this site know that myself and other writers on this blog have joked around about books and television shows about Rayful Edmond but, THIS IS A REAL MOVIE.

"The Rise and Fall of Rayful Edmond III" ( was an intriguing story about wealth, greed, poverty, betrayal and tragedy all set in the heart of Washington, D.C. in the 1980's and Early 1990's. The movie is a documentary that follows the life of Rayful Edmond III, a notorious drug dealer in the D.C. Area. during the time period in which Crack Cocaine first surfaced on the streets of urban cities throughout the U.S.. It was rumored that Edmond reaped gross profits between $30 and $70 Million dollars a month. It was also said that he accounted for 90% of the narcotics on the streets of Washington, D.C. Just with those numbers being thrown around, we can clearly see that a story such as this one would be very interesting.

The movie itself was a pretty good description and depiction of the life of Edmond. Some of Edmond's closest friends including Curtis "Curtbone" Chambers, Owner and CEO of ALLDAZ Clothing( participated in the documentary giving chilling but true accounts of what took place during Edmond's Drug Reign in the streets of Washington, D.C.. Many remember Edmond for the money that he made, the murders that were attached to his drug organization, his association and friendship with NBA Star Alonzo Mourning and the end of his run which was capped off by a court room circus filled with cameras, bullet proof glasses and helicopters transporting Edmond back and forth from a cell to the court room. This movie brought out the untold parts of the story. The childhood of Edmond, which was filled with crimes such as illegal "numbers"/lottery being ran by his family. The unselfish and giving attitude he had towards those in his community. Also the trust he put in many friends who surrounded him which would later be his ultimate downfall.

One of the major "flaws" pointed out by many viewers of the movie was that the "reenactment" scenes didnt quite give and accurate view of how things were in the 80's. The cast was decked out in ALLDAZ Gear, which did not exist at the time in which this story actually took place. I personally didn't find that to be a major flaw. I thought it was a marketing scheme used by those involved with the movie since ALLDAZ Clothing had a major part in the making of the movie.

Overall, I thought the movie was great. I only wish that more people such as the legendary Go-Go Musicians, Athletes from that era, women who dated Edmond and others who were influential in the city would have had an opportunity to speak on their take of the life of Rayful Edmond from all aspects. Edmond is one of the most recognized persons over the last 50 years of Washington, D.C. History and his life and legacy has truly impacted the streets as we know them.

Look forward to more movies such as the "Life of Len Bias" and "The Alpo and Wayne Perry Story" from May3rdFilms.

There is also word that "V.I.P. The Victor Page Story" will be released in the future. Go to for more info on that.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Sal's Corner

I'm a life-long resident of Washington D.C. and ONE thing I've noticed is that D.C. people LOVE to butcher someone's name. We JUST can't pronounce a nigga's name right for the world. And the sad part is, the few folks who do speak the King's English WONT speak up and tell these "ignint" folks that they are pronouncing the word wrong. Below I have listed the Top 10 Names/Places/Establishments that D.C. Folks mess up horribly

10) BARRY FARMS - Its not BARRY'S FARMS. Marion Barry didnt build the Barry Farms Housing Complex. Its Not HIS farms.

9) ROTO-TOMS - These are instruments often used by go-go bands in the DC area. They resemble the percussion instruments used by Sheila E. and Tito Puente. But for some STRANGE reason.....niggas gotta call em "ROLLATONS".

8) CURTBONE - Curtis "Curtbone" Chambers, owner and CEO of ALLDAZ (A local clothing line) is know for fashion as well as in the streets of D.C. during the 80's. He is a well-known party promoter as well. But I dont wanna hear "Girl we need to go to that KIRK BONE party this saturday" ANY MORE. It's CURT NOT KIRK. You've seen him on the Rayful Edmond DVD and his NAME is at the bottom when he its NO EXCUSE anymore.

7) BIG G - Most people know BIG G AKA "GHENGHIS" from being the leader of one of D.C.'s most popular bands, The Backyard Band which specializes in Go-Go Music. Now others may have seen him on HBO's Series "The Wire". Since he has gained fame across the country, I imagine many D.C. people do searches for him on the internet. Well just for the record, its RALPH ANWAN GLOVER. NOT ANTWAN or ANWAR. You got people running around D.C. talkin' bout "Man his FIRST name is GHENGHIS". Or "Man I KNOW its ANTWAN, I remember we was down the court building on the same day, its ANTWAN, Im telling you".

6) MARION BARRY - First of all, just to be clear........Marion Barry WAS D.C.'s Mayor but, HIS NAME IS NOT MAYOR BARRY. Many folk think "MAYOR" is his first name. Its MARION, not MAYOR. Get it right.

5) LAVERNUES COLES - Now I know the correct spelling of his name does not go along with how it should be pronounced but...........the nigga's name is pronounced LA-VER-NEE-US. He from the country aight....blame it on that. But after hearing the commentators....who happened to be PAID to get names right say his name a Million'd think DC niggas would get it right, right? WRONGGGGGGGGG. They say "Laverny". They might not say the "S" on Coles. Just "Laverny Cole". I mean come on, I KNOW Malt Liquor makes you act wild but does it make you THAT DUMB

4) SURSOM CORDAS - NOW for those who don't know, SURSOM CORDAS is a neighborhood/project/complex IMFAMOUS for crime and poverty. It's also one of the more known neighborhoods on the Go-Go circuit. I think we can blame "BIG G" of the BACKYARD BAND for most of the mispronounced versions of this neighborhood. I can recall him calling out the hood in shows as "SERGEANT QUARTERS" or "SEARCHIN QUARTERS". A family member of mine (WHICH I shall not reveal) often refers to the neighborhood as "SERTICUT QUARTERS".

3) HORACE & DICKIE's - This famous Fish Spot located in the heart of DC has filled bellies for years with locations in Anacostia and H St. The only problem is.........if you dont know where those locations are and you try to call 411 you may NEVER get the number. "AH yes, lemme get the number for HOSS and DICKEY". Or how bout "IS there a HORSE and DICKY on Martin Luther King Avenue?". Ladies and Gentlemen........repeat after me......."HORE-RUSS". NOT HOSS. NOT HORSE. Simple........two syllables. Take your time.........get it together

2) DREAM (NIGHTCLUB) - *DEEP BREATH*........stop saying "DREAMS". Its DREAM. Why the unneeded "S"? Like for real!!!!! You can tell folk that dont get out much. They might hit the town ONCE a year cause they finally found a babysitter for ONE night to watch all 7 of their kids. "Girl we going down DREAMS tonight, celebrating my girl Gina's 43rd Birthday". First of all, yall need to be somewhere besides the club at 43. How bout brunch, a boat ride or a restaurant on the harbor. But no..........Earnestine and Gina going down "DREAMS" tonight. I've driven passed New York Avenue many-a-days and Ive never seen an Apostophe and a "S" on that sign. Its ONLY D R E A M. No "S".

1) RAYFUL EDMOND III - This name is a riddle, oxy moron and a mystery ALL IN ONE. Im willing to bet that only 15% of the D.C. Population can pronounce his name correctly. Shoooot, Im guilty I thought it was Edmonds with an "S" (And I got the nerve to talk about DreamS). And for God's sake only about 7% of the black males under 35 in D.C. can pronounce Rayful's first name correctly. You might get "Rayfa", "Rayfuls" or the MOST INFAMOUS MISHAP of a name in D.C. Narcotic History......................"RAYFUS". WHY do niggas call this man "RAYFUS". And once you INFORM a dude that his name is actually RAYFUL, they STILL insist on callin' him "RAYFUS". And when a dude says "Rayfus", he gotta say it like 17 times in his story. Rayful Edmond III is one of the most talked about Drug Dealers in D.C. History, so it's understandable but still.......its 2005, the movie about the man's life is OUT on DVD. I KNOW you read the get the name right...... "RAYFUL".

One thing I can say for all Negro DC Folks.......we DO know how to pronounce General TSO's Chicken

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sal's Corner

Today we will talk about an interesting situation that Ive noticed has evolved into a problem. TAGS. Yes automobile tags. This has gone from simply a manner in which law enforcement, insurance agencies and the Department of Motor Vehicles keep up with drivers and their automobiles to personal advertisements of who you are, where you are from, what team you like to root for and what association you belong to. We need to talk a bit people

* NEW YORKERS - Ok first off, you ever noticed.......New York people NEVER stay IN New York? Is New York THAT bad. You always run into a New York Nigga somewhere in South Carolina. Still representing wit da Air Max 95's, the Doo-Rag and the Knicks Hat in Wal-Mart somewhere in Spartansburg. And they QUICK to tell you they from "Uptop YO". And then you go to the parking lot and see them pull off. Now they have South Carolina Tags.......but the tags are personalized.........and that's where they go wrong. "NY's FINEST" or "BK2DEATH" or "BRONXSON". If you not in NY........and you dont have NY tags........WHY you got some NY propaganda on your tags?

* RELIGIOUS PHRASES - If you got a 5 series BMW or a Maxima or a 4-Runner for that matter, aint no need in getting some tags that said "GOD DID IT". "THANKS2GOD" or even "BLESSEDME". A maxima aint no marquis car. GOD didnt do going to work and paying bills on time to have good credit did that. Now if you make $30,000 a year and you JUST so happened to test drive a Bentley and the man said you are approved to finance a GT Coupe..........THEN THATS WORTHY OF SHOUTING and catching the HOLY GHOST on the showroom floor

* SORORITY TAGS - Fellas.........if your girl is in a sorority, limit your driving of her car if she got the Sorority Tags on the back. Now if she got the TAG Border, it aint cool to be all up in there chilling like thats YOUR S 430 Benz. But if you got the TAG Border AND the tags are personalized "AKA4LIFE"...........dont even ask for the keys. Cause nothing is worse than 4 dudes headed out on the town and they packed up in a car wit Sorority Tags. You aint getting NO women that night if your boy is driving his girl car around stuntin'. And if you MUST drive the car, drive it like its NOT your car. Pull the seat all the way up, buckle your safety belt, and drive with 2 hands. You gotta make it known its not yours.

* NO TAGS - Being from "da hood", I've experienced some crazy things. I had a dude tell me "Look, lemme use your BACK tag and I drive RIGHT behind you real close and we both ride over to the shop so I can get my car fixed?". WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I look doing something CRAZY like that. In the hood, using tags is as common as borrowing sugar. You might have 4 dudes wit 4 different cars sharing ONE set of TAGS. They might even be sharing "PAPER TAGS". NIGGAS....I tell ya.

In the future, go to the DMV just get the tags they assigned you and keep it basic

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Friday, July 15, 2005

SPORTS NEWS (For Mid-July)
By Salvador Gabor

* In AAU Basketball News, Sumter, South Carolina's Powerhouse......MT Pisgah Baptist Church has signed Luther "Big Boy" Sanders to play on their "Blessed In Jesus Name" AAU Summer League Basketball team. "Big Boy" never played basketball but, when offered an extra fish dinner or two after the games, he suited up. "Shoot I aint never been happier. I was finna' go home cause I was hungry. Some man asked me to play basketball. I knew I would pass out if I aint get no food soon. He told me they had some fish. I asked was it a plenty left. He said yeah. I been playing ever since. We even go to Chic-Fil-A when we win big games. I done sat in that place for 6 hours straight eating. I needs my food" Says "Big Boy".

* A lesson in "Sportsmanship" can be learned at an early age. Jesse Harris Jr. lost in a fishing competition to Kristen Chambers in a Fishing Competition in Galveston, Texas. Little Jesse was competiting in the 10-13 year old division despite being only 3 years old. He excelled in the 3-7 year old fishing league. He then advanced to 7-9. But his victory dance was halted by Kristen. He was once undefeated and then he met his match. He looked to be a tad upset but, he was reminded by Jesse Harris Sr. (His father) that things would be better next time. He doesn't seem to believe that as of yet. We shall see.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Where is I.?"
by Reggie Dinkins Jr

"Where is I.?" is a collection of memoirs by the black proactivitionist Issac Varnum Dupree. Dupree is a man known throughout the Florida Park section of Washington, DC who really was proactive and positive about black thought throughout the 1970's. He often examined the concerns of the black people, whether they were concerns they knew or or not. He formed the Black Awareness group "We Us Self Them", also known as W.U.S.T.

W.U.S.T. was a safe haven for a Northwest DC group of Black thinkers. Before Mos Def and Talib Kweli it was brothers like Dupree who examined the state of the Black Nation. His group was free to examine Blackballing, Whitewashing, and Watering the Lawn. "Watering the Lawn" was a phrase used to identify how the white man kept his money green with the water or sweat off the black man's back. "You know Mr. Bobo needs mulch to keep that garden growing," said Dupree during one of these closed meetings of the W.U.S.T. The group really examined what We as a Black People can do for Us for Self despite Them, being the white man.

His collection of memoirs "Where is I.?" was thought to be one of the smallest most profound pieces of inner urban literature in the 1970's. Issac really delve into the thought that the black man really didn't know his place and was just treated as mulch covered in maure as the white man grew his garden so to speak. This book was also used to mark the secret code language of the Black Pentagon, a major faction throughout the Black Community even today. A gifted linguist, Dupree could magnify the meaning of something as simple of two liquor stores in a one block radius with a simple phrase of Black Code, "Bobo put that dinner bell on the door to keep the hungry running towards a feast, but they aint getting nothing but a taste. A taste of that poison." It is believed that Dupree and other members of W.U.S.T. were members of the Black Pentagon, and Dupree was the Under Secretary of Urban Special Teams. This was never proven, but his presumed link to the Black Pentagon is believed to be the reason for his disappearance.

Dupree turned up missing after a meeting in the backroom of a Sursum Corda laundromat, and it is believed that white leaders kidnapped him to cease empowerment within the black community. His absence has left many alley leaders and backroom diplomats reading his memoirs and asking "Where is I.?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sal's Corner
"TEMPerature's RISING"

The summer is here. As we know, the rate of TEMP positions in the workplace increases heavily during this time of the year. TEMPS are an interesting group of folks. Today we will look into the lives of TEMPS in the workplace

* HOW DO YOU BECOME A TEMP? - Now I know many folks come out of school and TEMP for a while till they get a permanent offer. But sometimes you be having folks thats like 45 TEMPING? And you might catch a glance of their resume and they've been TEMPING since 27??????? Just professional TEMPS HUH? Thats what you do huh? Come in for a lil while.......get the job done.......keep it moving HUH? I respect it.......I guess

* LUNCH PERIOD - A great man once said "Those who who can't.......DONT". TEMPS cant take extra time on a break. TEMPS, you can NOT do it. You think you "In Like Flin" cause you going to eat with Gladys and Monica on the 3rd Floor. NO you have to be back @ 1:00 P.M. SHARP. People forget their are temps sometimes.

* HOLIDAYS - Temps dont get paid for Holidays so they be tryna come right on in on Labor Day. "I mean........that could be a day where I could get some filing done". NO Keisha, see you TUESDAY.

* ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING - TEMPS always about to get SET OUT or somebody is in need out of town or something WILD. Its like those situations can be overlooked if they are made permanent but until then when 2nd Uncle George on your ex-boyfriend's side of the family is sick in GOTZ to go down there. But I respect that. Employers want dedication from TEMPS but you gotta be dedicated to TEMPS as well by hiring them. Until that point a TEMP is never gonna be loyal and you as an employer gotta deal with "Sore Throat", "I gotta pick up Lil Keyon" and "I gotta case of Diarrhea" every other day

* CONVO's IN THE OFFICE - OK temps he SO excited to fit in. They say ANYTHING. Now you know as Black Folks, we front in the office. We act all siddity when we really arent. I might see you in da street. Im walking to a store and you might be outside smoking weed wit a brew in your hand, Im not gonna say nothing on Monday when I see you other than "Hello". But TEMPS.......they see out on the weekends and then come YELLIN' in da hallway........."MAN I seen you down there talkin to that girl wit da short shorts on man down at Howard did you BAG HER????"

Watch out for these people yall. Im telling you! "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Friday, July 08, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

THIS JUST has announced that Clarence Turner of Oakland, Ca has lost a battle with the California Judicial System. He had a year long fight with the courts over a discrimination battle with a few Taverns & Bars in the Bay Area. Apparantly, he was deemed "too old to be UP in da club" by security guards at the front lobby of many taverns across the Vallejo, Oakland and San Francisco areas.

This is a FIRST in the history of nightlife in this country. Most people are denied entrance due to not being old enough. Clarence on the other hand was denied for being too old. "That nigga has had it. Im tired of seeing him in here doing it to himelf quite frankly, these young girls dont want him" says Miguel Jackson, Head of Security @ Club Bumpin' in Oakland.

Clarence plans to appeal his case. He hopes to party once again amongst the young nightlife. "Hmmmmmm NOBODY.....I mean NOBODY is gonna dim my shine, I shall Boogie Oogie" says Clarence. We shall see.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

"When I'm Called Out of My Name"
By Salvador Gabor

I have alot of nicknames. So said to my face.......some said behind my back. You can call me anything........just dont call me too early in the morning....aight.

I have strong opinions on life. And I stand by my opinions. I'm often shot and wounded for my feelings on topics. Hey, go ahead....shoot me.......feel free. One of the terms that I've been called is an A$$HOLE. Well not to my face and certainly not in those words directly but people knudge their words in on me that make it seem as if that's what they really wanna say. Honestly they maybe right.

I like Analogies. Analogies are simple. Everything in life is an example of something else in life. I use analogies to explain my points in arguments. So YES, you can call me an A$$HOLE..........cause I use ANALogies. But before you call me out of my name.........get to know me........better yet..........let me show you "Who I am"..........

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"PERSONALS" (Week of July 8th, 2005)
By Salvador Gabor

Christian "Big Boss" McBride is a man of character, heart, and barbeque. This summertime chef is known for grillin' on the porch every weekend. He is the only black man in the Chicago that can cook in ALL WHITE and not get dirty. Ladies, "BIG BOSS" can throw down. He is your typical BIG WHITE SHOE and SHORT SET guy in the summer. So if you like Girbaud outfits and K-Swiss, HE is the man to get with.

Fashion is definitely his thing. Starched Khaki's and strap hats, replica jerseys and jeans with NBA logo's stiched in are his latest fashion threads. He's the kinda guy that likes trips to Amusement Parks, late night alley drinking while listening to Frankie Beverly and Sugar Hill Gang tapes.

For more info on how you can contact "Big Boss" or any other of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes call (301) 455-3534. "Big Boss" is usually available after 7:00 A.M. and before 6:00 P.M. UPS has him on the late shift

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sal's Corner

For those who have been reading this blog since day one, "The Day You Found Out" was the original post on this site. Now a little over a year and a half later I feel a need to do a part 2. Why? Dont ask me. I just feel a need to do so. There are alot of days that change your life.

The Day You Found Out.............YOUR FRIEND HAD A JHERI CURL - For those that dont know....I have a fascination with Jheri Curls. I've often wanted one. JUST so I could shake it when my favorite song comes on. But seriously, this is such a drastic change for a person in such a quick time period. Say for example, a person grows dreds. You haven't seen them in 2 years. Now you see them and they are "dreaded" up. Now you have to take into consideration that people can grown that type of hairstyle in the midst of a 2-year period. But the Jheri Curl can be applied tonight and tomorrow your uncle looks like a back-up singer for a Mississippi Gospel Quartet. One week they have a bush and the next week your father AND mother are taking too long in the bathroom. WHAT do you do?

Solution: Look people in the eye. It's natural to stare at their hair if it looks crazy.......just focus on the eyes. Thats all I can say. Cause if Aunt Jessie breaks out the curl on you in '05..........what else CAN I SAY? I mean really

The Day You Found Out..........YOU GOT THE JOB - You be about to act a fool. Dont let it be a better paying job. You done already mapped out how you gonna spend this new "bread". You go get your lil fresh gear for the first week. You eye out the food spots at lunch. Everything is going smooth and all that. THEN........that first day that you have to stay late to finish some work "breaks you in". You're no longer the "Newby". Thats when you start talking to your friends. "I dont think I like this job no more". "They not paying me enough". But 2 months ago you had just planned out how you can buy another pair of shoes per month on this job???

Solution: Go into every job knowing that its not gonna be much different from what you've seen before. A Job is a Job is a Job.

The Day You Found Out..........YOU'RE MARRIED - This is hard for the fellas. Married men of all ages jump in and out of reality from time to time. The married guys always wanna "HANG OUT". Craig.........Tina is not going for that. Just face it. You gotta tell married dudes about events like 6 weeks in advance. They gotta fill out a Purchase Order to get permission to go out. Its worse than getting signatures for a government contract. But still niggas forget.........forget they are married. "Yeah its gonna be ALOT of women out this weekend". AND what does that mean to you? You still going home to Rhonda. Aint a thing changed. See, the day you get married is normally not the day you FIND're married. You don't find that out until somebody calls you @ 6:00 about an event that starts @ 7:00. You dont find out until we all are going out of town this weekend just to "ride out" and you gotta go look at blinds for the guest room in your house.

Solution: Dont get married..........sike.........take advantage of the time you have with the person you are married to. At the same time, find a way to do for your wife/husband on a "regular" day so that when those "special" days come around, you can ease on out wit da fellas or da girls.

The Day You Found Out.............YOU DONT HAVE IT ANYMORE - Yes this is a hard pill to swallow. And when you try to chop this pill down and eat it in its powdery substance, it tastes even worse. Its hard to say "I dont have it anymore". It's hard to put down the High School stories of teenage fame and athleticism. It's hard to see folk who went to school with you who were "nothing" and now they are "something". "Something" more than you are. YES it's hard. It's hard not to get all the attention you used to get when you played Football 3 or 4 years ago. Some of us still think it's 1998. We still think it's 1995 and every girl wants to still see us after the game. Well it's not. Some young kid wit cornrows and a flat stomach and enough stamina to last at least ONE pick up game has taken your spot. Oh ladies, yes dont think I have forgotten you. You were once the life of the party. The grand entrance at the cookouts of old have turned into....."Look at Kim, she is BUSTED UP after them 2 kids". You sashaying around in your lil summer dress like you ready to take a basketball out of your skirt wit da big bulge in the front. Give it up, or pick up a weight or something and lift it a few times. The new younger girls have taken over your territory. The guys you went to High School with that are 35 and still single.........they've taken those guys too.

Solution: I dont really know what to say on this one. Just get over it.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"