Thursday, June 16, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

Experts within cities such as DC, Detroit, Cleveland and Newark are now revealing what mean street thugs, pushers and pimps have known all along. Dice rolling and Weed Smoking are two strategies used to conduct better bidness throughout the ghettos of the United States.

Our street team took it to the streets of DC in particular to see about this revelation of strategic growth and expansion within the mega-conglomorates and Filthy 500 Cliques and Crews in this city. "Its like niggas cant escape shootin dem dice" says Clifford Hicks aka "Pookie", an Associate Director of Sales with the Garfield Terrace Corporation. He went on the say "We've grown up with a generation who now depends on sources outside of our hood to buy crack for resale". Many local pushers have used dice games as a strategy to network with the major players in the drug game. "We've set up happy hour types of networking events where multi-thousandaires can come and shoot dice and smoke good weed in hopes of getting money, getting high, and getting more connects" says Rufus Simmons, Sales Commissioner of the Glassmanor Street Development Group. Many of these functions are set up to entice those who smoke good and hustle good. No need in entering a $25 a shot dice game if you dont have any money. Nor is it good to enter a "session" of guys smoking "Dat good purple" if you dont have money. "The idea is to eliminate broke niggas, mayne. Then seeing about what niggas got what work" says Donnell Brewster, temporarily residing as Chief Executive Officer of the Galveston Street Committee until Ray-Mo comes home.

One of the downfalls of this idea of network is the robbery rate. It has increased by 25% since the fall of 2004. Stockholders for many of these companies, especially Uptown have withdrawn interest in these companies. "I just dont feel like worrying about who sees me and getting shot at. If I aint love this dope THIS much I dont know if I'd be riding thru here" says Gladys Jenkins a stockholder in the Sherman Avenue Commission. Robbery has always held down the worth of many companies in the street. But the dice game strategies not only lure big money hustlas but also lurkers. Some companies such as the Saratoga, Montana & Brentwood, Inc. have increased funds dedicated to defense mechanisms and security but it's never 100%. "Ive had workers within the company be questioned and even injured due to tense feelings and skeptical opinions of motives" says Bay-Bay, spokesman for Saratoga, Montana & Brentwood, Inc.

Are non dice rollers and non smokers unable to grow in the streets? Many clues lead us to believe that this is the case. "Any hussla that refuses to roll dice and/or smoke da green is taking his name out of alot of bids to close major contracts with other up and coming nickel and dimers" says Old Tony from the Forest Creek Heroin Commission. Trust is a major factor. With the increasing presence of undercover officers, smoking weed and rolling dice for money builds trust amongst dope dealers. It should be said that NOT ALL undercovers keep it clean but these activities are great keys to separating the real from the fake in the streets.

Will bidness soar with these new networks? "I done met plenny of niggas from the southside and all around. My homies shoot da dice over on that side, I rides wit em and side bet all the time" Sayquan Holmes, Jr. Sales Apprentice currently interning with the Rittenhouse Group. Studies say that with the new networks being developed, the turn around rate for re-ups will be shorter. Salesmen of the street wont have to worry about if the only wholesaler they are normally engaged in bidness with will be arrested. There is no need to scramble looking for "work" in the meantime. A web of contacts have been made. All from a gamblin run and some good weed