Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Its My Birthday"

Break out the Sparking Cider and the cheap cake. JUNE 14TH WAS MY BIRTHDAY. 26 is here. I said goodbye to 25, and hello to "Over the Hill". I'm not mad. I'm actually happy. My homie always says "Im excited about how life is gonna turn out" and for once I understand where he's coming from. I woke up this morning feeling different. Not happy, not sad but actually in a new mindset. See I BS'd alot thru the first 25. So "The NEXT 25" is my focus now. Joking around has been cool but I was told "If you can see it, it can happen" and Im "SEEING" alot of things in my mind now. Last year I talked about the things Ive learned. I have a few more things Ive learned so far

* NEVER SAY "YES" - Well, at least not too quick. Take your time before you enter a "situation" where you drop money or time on an investment or a BUST. Or even before you commit to doing anything for anybody. When asked always respond "Lemme see about it". See at this age, I dont need to be in a jam taking somebody across town or lending somebody $50 that I know I aint gonna see in 6 months. Waiting and thinking on it gives you time to bring out the best thoughts. Ever notice that EVERYTHING intelligent you coulda said to someone ALWAYS comes to mind in the car AFTER you done said "YES" and you RE-LIVING the convo in your mind? If someone doesnt give you the time to think about it, then they dont respect you. Plain and simple. Take your time. Nothing worth getting will pass away "THAT" quick.

* YOU GOTTA PAY TO PLAY - It's simple as that. I was told you gotta earn the right to have a good life. You pay in currency, pain and/or inconvenience to live how you want to. That's even if you make a fool of your life. Its uncomfortable shooting a needle in your arm the first time or taking that first SWIG of CISCO. Thats even more uncomfortable than sitting in a class for 90 minutes or waking up for work earlier than usual. Even if you are interested in entering a certain industry you have to research that industry. And that research sometimes costs you money. You just gotta remember one've wasted money in the past with no gain in return, at least now you are giving yourself a chance to gain a return on the investment.

* YOU ARE ALWAYS GONNA WORK FOR SOMEBODY - If you dont work FOR work AGAINST yourself. Saying that you dont want to work for anyone and you want your own "bidness" is SENSELESS if you never learn to work for others. Who will work for you? You will only attract other people as employees that will have the same exact spirit you have. Also if you never learn to work for anyone, you will never learn to work for your customers. Hierarchy is the name of the game in this world. Somebody is always above you. Believe that. Even if you own your own, you gotta answer to someone!

* LOVE LIFE - Do what you like to do in life. Many times we take our job and responsibilities as "routines". We'd rather sleep in. Im working to make SLEEP a "routine" and not a fun thing. We say "I just gotta go in here and do this 8 hours of work, I cant wait till I get off". I WANNA be able to say "Yeah I really dont wanna go to sleep but I got to for like 3 or 4 hours, I'll be back up by 6:00 though". Thats how life SHOULD be. But you gotta work to get to that point

All in all, I gotta work to make "THE NEXT 25" by BEST 25.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"