Monday, June 20, 2005

Sal's Corner

I mean for real, can we? I need to holla atchu good dudes for a second. Some things being going on and I need to say something to you. Im not perfect, Im in the wrong as well on some of these items. But we need to talk.

* LEAVE HER ALONE - Everytime you see a woman by herself you wanna ease up on her. Like she looking for somebody to chill wit. Sometimes she just wanna chill. Like sometimes we wanna be left alone. And everytime she looks like a lonely dog on a cold day, that dont mean you gotta put on a cape and save her. See, some of yall wonder why these women are so hard on you. Yall put em on a pedestal. Let them women be. Maybe if they sit alone at lunch for about a week they would APPRECIATE a man "hollerin" at em after a while.

* LEAVE THE INTERNS ALONE - Yeah I had to single this one out. THIS is a lil different that just leaving women alone in general. Im talking to YOU....yes you LEROY. You are 42 years old Leroy. Keisha from Delaware State is not thinking about you or that short sleeve dress shirt and tie you wear everyday Leroy. Yall plot on these girls like it aint nuthin. She dont want you. If I could get that through our heads, we would have better shots at the women who DO want us.

* ....NOW IM HOT THEY ALL ON ME - I know alot of yall are runnin' around singing about how "Back then they didn't want me". Recognize one thing, dont get mad cause a lady dont want you when you are broke. You dont even like being in that position so why would someone else wanna join you? Granted, it's cool to have a young lady that will be there when you dont have alot but women dont always want your money when they look for successful men. They just want you to have something going on to justify their time they spend with you. Now I agree, some women are gold diggers and some........JUST HAVE STANDARDS. You can't knock a woman that likes you now all because you "came up". Imagine a woman all over you when you're broke? That means if you ever get rich........she gonna blow your money cause she was with you when your were broke and didnt mind so what would it mean to her to blow the money and success you've gained? Not alot.

* DONT START NUTTIN, WONT BE NUTTIN -'re mad cause your girl calls you ALL DE TIME? She always wants you to go to the mall with her? She's always questioning where you are and who you are with? If you cant finish it...dont start it. See yall thought I was talking about fightin' some nigga, didnt you? No! See guys get mad at their women but the men are the problem. See, your name is Clyde. But for some reason you wanna be "Ken" or "Luke" or "Beau". You know, one of those guys that ladies read about in the E. Lynn Harris books or in them Tyler Perry plays. You try to be Mr. Perfect and you just Clyde. Mr. Perfect could never be you, so why you wanna be him? Answering your phone EVERYTIME, telling her your whereabouts at all times without her even asking.......JUST to show off when you first meet her. So she can run tell Kendra how good of a man you are. You want Kudos........get a candy bar! See it's cute at first. "Clyde, run to the mall with me". "Clyde, where you at"? "My mother need help moving the AC". They say men are dogs. And she is about to have you on a leash. I was once told "When you meet a woman, slap she can never say 'You dont treat me as good as you used to'". I dont promote domestic violence, just use some sense and realize you cant act like something you aren't forever.