Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"A Deep Look Into NJDKHTA Pt. 1: The Pathless Teachings of Dontrell"
By Salvador Gabor

Last week I introduced many of you to a society known as NJDKHTA. Some refer to it as "Niggas Just Dont Know How To Act". It's a society of young men and women who have no thought for being kosher or respectful about how they conduct themselves. This ghetto society has somewhat of a "Holy Trinity". The first and most important of the "Trinity" is "THE PATHLESS TEACHINGS OF DONTRELL". In life you have your thoughts/beliefs, actions and language. "The Pathless Teachings of Dontrell" deal with the thoughts and beliefs of NJDKHTA.

The Teachings of Dontrell are deemed pathless because they don't lead the NJDKHTA people in a positive direction. They don't even lead them in a negative direction. It's just disarray. Just to be clear, Dontrell is not a person but, he represents a mindset within people. A pathless mindset I might add.

The first basic teaching of Dontrell is that "It's all about me". I have to shine at all times. If it doesn't go my way, it's not going down. This basic teaching keeps our ghetto people down. They can not join forces and make positive moves due to everyone having to be the lead. Simple decisions such as "Who gets to ride in the Family Car" at the funeral can cause unnecessary commotion. Cute girls hanging with big ugly girls for more attention. "Or I gotta pop the most bottles on your birthday". Even the simple process of opening gifts at a baby shower can turn ugly when Kwanda wants everybody to pay attention as Sheka opens the gift from HER. Selfishness is what keeps these folks where they are

The second basic teaching of Dontrell is "Dont make me....". Violence runs rampid through NJDKHTA. Martin Luther King, Jr. once stated that "Violence is the language of the unheard". Nowadays people aren't even making attempts to be heard. The first sideways dialogue and the guns are pulled. People are willing to serve the rest of their life in jail behind respect from some nickel and dime street hustler that said something slick. I understand that you have to defend yourself and the honor of those you love but, at what cost?

The third basic teaching of Dontrell is "Im gonna do me regardless". Many of today's youth have a problem with authority. Our young men always stress the fact that "You need to respect me as a man". Men respect men. Respect is given first THEN received in return. This third basic teaching is as backwards as me walking away from you. We as African-Americans aren't usually in a position of ultimate power. And one of the items that strikes me is how young men covet their hair more than they do a job. I spoke to a young man who didn't want to cut his dreds/braids for the sake of getting a job. Im not against that sort of hair growth but, my point to him was that you or no one you know has control at a company. So saying "Im a do me" and rejecting an income for hair that you DIDN'T even grow for SPIRITUAL purposes is crazy. This is just ONE example of how many people within NJDKHTA express ideas that are meant for those in power when they don't have the power at all to say such things. When you do not have the upper hand, in some cases, you have to adjust. Who will adjust to you when you have no control at all?

Today we have covered the 3 basic teaching of Dontrell. They all revolve around me. I need to be seen, I will hurt you and I need to be respected. At no time does a member of NJDKHTA think about others. And THIS hurts our society as African-Americans.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"