Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Ya Style's Played Out"
By Salvador Gabor

It's hard being a brother named Kwame these days. Either you got on old Polka Dots or you got a broken Jump-Shot. At best you might get to hang with Donald Trump. But, you'll lose you life and wife in the process. These days Kwame aint the best person to be. The following is a PORTION of the definition of the name Kwame according to

"Although the name Kwame creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, it can cause an unscrupulous, materialistic approach that frustrates higher humanitarian qualities. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the reproductive system, worry, and mental tension."

Notice anything? The word "FRUSTRATION" appears a few times within that definition. Frustration isnt the WORD to describe the biggest KWAME in Washington, D.C. Kwame Brown was a phenom destined for success in the Chocolate City. He ran into a few bumps. One tire got flat, two tires for flat.........eventually ALL the tires flattened and he was "riding on rims". With all that money that was a pretty set of rims griding against the concrete. And he KEPT pushing. Until the ground gave out and that SUV of a career halted in the middle of the street. Who's to say he wont get it cranked back up with new wheels but, for now its in the middle of the street with the hazards on.

Kwame Brown is a country boy. A country boy in a Big City. And to he honest he is 7'0" but his mental growth has been stunted. It takes alot to go from dirt roads to playing with Michael Jordan. AND then not only to play with him but to be a #1 pick chosen by Jordan and to have Jordan feel the pressure because he picked you. This isnt X-Box. MJ couldnt pick up a controller and MAKE Kwame into a good player. There is no "enhancement screen" where you can change players attributes. He's human. He makes mistakes. BUT, he also is an investment. Not a day goes by that executives dont demand ALL of a player's effort from them. You don't get a lucrative salary for what you've accomplished. You get that for what you WILL do in the future. And maybe that's what went wrong. The Wizards looked too far into the future. Shane Battier, a 4-year collegiate player who entered into that same 2001 Draft, who seemed to fit in the NBA scheme alot quicker would have been better. Maybe the strong possibility of trading for Elton Brand that same year would have been a better option. Maybe trading down and getting another player could have been better.

If if's were a 5th........we'd all be drunk. And please let me know if you want more CHEESE with that WHINE. DC, your team is IN the playoffs. Approaching the 2nd Round for that matter. Who cares if Kwame leaves. No disrespect to the guy but they've done well without em. Who cares if he was a #1 pick and you don't want to accept a #2 for him. He could fall in the Potomac for all Eddie Jordan cares. Be happy that after this season you wont have to worry about "ifs" anymore. Cause Kwame wont be one of the frontcourt players. So I guess he's NOT........Oneovdabigboiz