Friday, May 27, 2005

"This Week in NJDKHTA" for the week of May 27th, 2005
By Salvador Gabor

This week in NJDKHTA is not a inside look into an African country. NO its a look into a society. A look into a lifestyle. And most importantly a look into a mindstate. NJDKHTA.......stands for Niggas Just Dont Know How To Act. The members of the society are ghetto, bunk, unruly black folk. The officers in the society are those who have to put up with them. I'm not a member nor an officer but, I attend the weekly meetings.

There was a meeting yesterday. There were refreshments. It was ghetto so of course someone actually brought real silverware. The servings were too much and the barbeque ribs had everyone licking their fingers then shaking hands right after that in the "Meet N Greet". As always at a ghetto function, there was a raffle drawing. Somebody wasn't satisfied with the gift so it was more trading going on than in July in the NBA.

But, down to bidness. The NJDKHTA ruled yesterday that all Felons released from jail on Parole shall serve a mandatory period of 3 months on "House Arrest". I mean literally handcuffing these niggas to a chair in the kitchen. It's something about niggas who "JUST GOT OUT". They go right back IN! So NJDKHTA has stated that any member of NJDKHTA that is released and is free of a probation officer and curfews shall report to a designated NJDKHTA officer to keep them out of the jailhouse.

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Over the next few weeks we will cover "The Pathless Teachings of DONTRELL", "The Wayward Actions of KATONIO", and "The Language of TAYWON". And we shall also cover how the Holy Trinity of Ghetto Life (Dontrell, Katonio and Taywon) came about.