Monday, May 02, 2005

Sal's Corner
"Monkey Vision"

Monkey See........Monkey Do. That's been the motto for years for people who follow the trends. And honestly.........everybody that involves themselves in activities that are popular at the moment are following a wave, they really have an independent passion for that area but some ARE really riding a wave. So today we will discuss things that EVERYBODY seems to be doing.

REAL ESTATE - Everybody gotta real estate license now. What's that about? Everytime you talk to somebody........"Yeah I got my Real Estate License". Ok thats good but I just got one many people can sell houses in ONE city. People keep telling me that Real Estate is where it's at but sometimes I wonder. In a city like DC for example, it aint but SO many houses on Sale a day. Sure there are ALOT of houses on Sale but........its WAY more people with Licenses.

CHEFS ON THE GRILL - Everybody sware they can cook out. "Hand me that grill, lemme show you". WOW you know when to flip a burger and look to see when its nice and brown and take it off the grill????????? That takes ALOT of skill. Ive been to a miyon....yes a MIYON not Million but a MIYON cookouts and for the most part its the same result........good burgers. You cant miss on the grill unless the food is just COLD when you finally get to it.

RAPPERS - Everybody is rapping now. "Yeah you know Im in the studio now". Im bout to start rappin. Thats it.........I mean Ive had enough. EVERYBODY is rappin now. Its crazy but its true. My name is gonna be MC Not-Again. Cause everytime you hear my song you gonna say "Not-Again".

BEING GAY - Let the sistas tell it.......EVERY MAN is GAY. Yall need to stop that. Like ASAP. Just cause he aint tryna lay with you dont mean he gay. We DO pass up on opportunities as well. Notice, it dont never be a DIME saying guys are gay. Its big Martha that live upstairs with the Weezing problem that thinks all the guys in the building are gay cause they dont like her. Get a grip, better yet UNGRIP that chicken wing.

GETTING MARRIED - Attention people, keep your significant other from weddings if you dont wanna get married. Not only will it put ideas in their will get the ball rolling. Fellas you at the reception in the corner getting your head rapped off by some dude telling you he into real estate and he giving you his card and your girl is talking to the wedding planner. Keep your eye on her. And for the next 35 years you gonna be saying "I Do". "Baby who has my purse"........."I Do". "Baby who washes my car when it gets dirty".........."I Do". "Who watches these kids while I go to the salon"............."I Do".