Monday, May 16, 2005

Sal's Corner

Momma always told you....."BOY its time to GET RIGHT". Im not ya momma, ya daddy or top flight security of the world...........but Im some'n like it. And it's time yall. Time to "GET RIGHT". I was always told, dont "half-step" it. Go all out. Get it done. Start it, Finish it and look back at the good job you've done. We halfway doing things. Let's get it done people. It's time to "GET RIGHT"

GRANDMOTHERS - Stop spoiling the kids. AND then calling your daughter's house all times of the night making sure she gave Dontrell a bath. Making sure he got lunch tomorrow for school. Like Tangy gonna forget to feed him if you dont call. Let that girl be a mother. Just GET RIGHT and stop spoiling that child making it hard for your daughter.

MARRIAGE - You been wit her for 13 years Leroy. Go on and marry her. You ought to be ashamed of yourself tellin' folks at da job that you and Earline are married. You keep on saying "My wife this" and "My wife that". That's not your wife! Get down to that chapel and say them two words and sign that paper. You too old to have a GIRLFRIEND.

DEGREE - Go on and get that Diploma, Degree or whatever. I mean if you dropped out after the first But all you niggas who got ALL but one class or 15 credits.......come on man.......let's get that last leg done. Everytime I see you niggas....."yeah man got 12 more credits left.....I might register for classes this fall". GET IN THERE and GET RIGHT

TIPPING - This is a VERY interesting topic. Some say leave $5, some say 15-20%. I say Leave what you want.......and if not......JUST LEAVE. I dont pay these people's salaries. So dont PRESS me for a tip. Now I tip good. But I will not be handled like a victim of the Mafia for my 15%. Now some people DEFEND waiters/waitresses to the DEATH. Maybe their mom is one. Maybe once they were one. Dont take this personal......but yo' mamma aint getting rich off me. PERIOD. If I leave $20 and he serve 10-20 tables and she get an average of $10-20 per table..........SHE will get $200 or MORE. I DONT EVEN MAKE $200 a day! Now my whole point to putting this in "GET RIGHT" is to say.......if you tip the waiter.....why not tip those who REALLY need tips. How bout the man drunk who watches your car outside the liquor/corner store? The Mail Man who brings all those coupons and your check stub? What about the bus driver who waited on you when you couldnt have breathe running down the street to chase the bus? How bout the DOPE MAN on the corner?.........YES.......I SAID IT.....the DOPE MAN. Some of yall argue up and down how we should tip big at restaurants but you wanna $20 BAG for $17. This nigga could DIE on the street so you can get HIGH yet you think the nigga who brings out your OMELETE should get a tip????????? Where are your priorities? GET RIGHT. Dont get me wrong, I tips good but yall the same people who say "These workers only get paid $2 an hour" they depend on tips but you burn your favorite singers' CD's. THEY dont have a salary. They depend on sales. And yall running around with all these bootleg Madea tapes. Yall ought to be ashamed talking bout "YOU GOTTA TIP". GET RIGHT