Monday, May 23, 2005

Sal's Corner

Yes, the ladder of success. Look down, but dont be scared. Fear will make you fall. Look ahead. Look high. Stand stall. Take deep breaths. Work for your own office where you can shut the door and laugh as loud as you want to.

Seriously, everyone wants to excel and succeed. It takes alot of hard work. Alot of perserverence. It takes a steadfast mindset. And in some cases, these items may lead you to an Executive Position. Not everyone desires to be the leader but, for those who do, the following are tips to being an executive

* MAKE OTHERS FEEL COMFORTABLE - A Great Executive makes people feel warm. You dont have to do much. Just let THEM know, when they are doing counts. Alot of pats/rubs/grips of the shoulders of your workers. A BIG HUGE WIDE smile. Try to remember everyone's name. This can be done by saying their name a MILLION times when you first meet them. "OK Kathy, nice to meet you KATHY, what is it that you'll be doing here Kathy.....well KATHY thats great." All the while Kathy feels at home.

* YOU CANT DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF - Get a good team around you. It has been stated that many executives don't have an extensive education history but, those who work around and under them DO have the educational history needed for expertise in the particular field.

* GIVE DIRECTIONS - If it ever gets quiet in a meeting.........especially towards the end when wrapping up and the "what's next" portion comes along........give direction. Sometimes giving people options aint the best thing.

* DONT GET FAMILIAR WITH TECHNOLOGY - NEVER let anyone THINK that you will attempt to go into EXCEL. For all they know, act as if you dont even know how to work a DVD remote control. Alot of executives are not computer literate. People will ALWAYS help you if they think you dont know ANYTHING about technology as an executive. So put down the IPODs, Blackberry's, DVD Players, and any other gadgets that make people think that you can remotely be deemed as a "Techie".

* HAVE A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN - Now im not just making this one up. I actually heard Donald Trump say this on "Larry King Live". And it makes ALL too much sense. From what I took of it...........Basically in a day, as an executive, time is money. If I ask a question, I need a straight answer.....not an AESOP Fable. I dont need some drawn out story. Yes, No, Im working on it, Im waiting for a response from KATHY as we speak will do. See if you have a short attention span, it will lead people to get their items out as fast as possible and be clear and to the point so you can move on to the next meeting. As a person, if people "aint talkin about nuffin"........move on.

Basically, get people around you that are gonna work. When they work comfort them. Make them fix your computers and pagers and other technological devices. Dont listen to much of what they say unless you like the first 5-6 words and make them go in the path you want them to go and guess'll be a GREAT EXECUTIVE.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"