Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sal's Corner
"Excuses, Excuses"

People, especially my YOUNG people. I wanna rap to yall for a second. I know school is over for most of the college students and you are headed back home and working during the summer. You back in the mix in your hometown and you are gonna bump into alot of "friends" and you are tryna rekindle sparks from the past. Also I know there are alot of you folks who aren't in school but, the weather has you out a lil more now. You see folks that you used to "kick it" with. And you too have some ideas for sparking up old flames. I got news for you.........it might be a no-go. So Im about to unveil the top excuses you may hear and what they mean.

"I Gotta New Phone" - Now before I go any further lemme say........any of these "EXCUSES" could be TRUE but alot of times they AREN'T. "I gotta new phone and I lost your number" could easily mean, I erased your number as soon as you walked away the last time I saw you. OR it could mean the person never even locked your number in. They were repeating the number back to you and all but the whole time they were saying "GET OUTTA HERE". Now think about it.........how come they had everyone else's phone numbers but yours?

"Sorry I aint call, Ive been busy" - See...this very excuse is why I MYSELF......dont press women at ALL that I haven't spoken to in a while. Sometimes you see someone of the opposite sex and they know they are dead wrong so they "COP a Plea" off da top........"OH Im so sorry.....I meant to call you". And you never even posed the question, they just feel guilty. I used to ask females that "why you aint call" question but then I kept hearing "Ive been busy".........then I check my watch and I see that its been 6 months since we've talked and I said to myself "Sal.....its been 6 months since yall talked....Im sure she aint gone 6 months without picking up her phone.....she just aint called ME in 6 months". People, this maybe the worst excuse. You CALL who you wanna CALL!

"Call Me Sometimes" - Thats the 51-fake out. This is more of a feminine response. Most men cant go THAT hard and tell a woman to call HIM. Females will say this to some men and they BITE. No one will ever DISRESPECT me and tell me "Oh its ok if you call me". If you wanna talk to me.....CALL ME.....dont tell me to Call you sometimes???????? See all the guys will see their old flame at the cookout and because she simply has NOTHING to say, she will say something dumb like that. And for real...she don't want you to call......she just wants to get you out of her face. And then you call and you get the voicemail.

QUICK TIP FOR EVERYONE: For those with Nextels.......yall know about the "Go Away" button. For those who don't have Nextel but you chasing a man/woman with a Nextel account.........there is a button that takes you STRAIGHT to voicemail. When they see your number...they can hit a button and "Bang on you". "Bang on you" as in hang the phone RIGHT UP. And everyone who has experience with Nextel knows the deal. We all have been "Banged on" before. But back to Sal's Corner........

"...And My Boyfriend/Girlfriend" - You gotta always watch for people just randomly mentioning their significant other. You could be talking and all of a sudden....."YEAH my girlfriend/boyfriend was JUST telling me about....". This is a tale tail sign that he/she is letting you know EARLY on that its a no-go for you. Yall aint even ate no crabs yet at the cookout. You really aint even gotta seat yet and he/she is already letting it be known that what happened before shall not happen again.

"...YEAH we can do something" - Why can't convos with old "friends" just end in "Well it was good seeing you" or "take care"? Why it got to always be a fake "We need to catch a movie" or "Yeah we can grab a bite one of these days". Dont run the game on me and I wont run it on you........OK! Let's just go our separate ways as we have been doing for these past months and years

In conclusion, I'm not against the old skool hook-up again reunion from High School thing-a-majig but, be cautious. Keep in mind that this person hasn't just be standing still since you've been gone. I know myself......Im gonna be guilty of some of these charges during the summer but, hey its the summer

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"