Thursday, May 12, 2005

Obituaries for MAY 2005
By Salvador Gabor

Lester "Big Man" Wilkerson was laid to rest on May 7th, 2005. He leaves to mourn his brown slacks, leather vests, Rick James' CD's and his trusty DRIVING GLOVES for his 1986 190 C-Class Benz. See Lester didn't really die, he just committed to a serious relationship with his longtime lover, Valerie. Valerie along with "Big Man's" oldest daughter from his first marriage with Susie combined to get him to drop them 1980's tactics he was using to be a "PLAYA". They have vowed to change him into a man of the 21st Century and take him away from his "Bow-Legged Lou" antics.

Lester was once a staple in the "CHINESE COLLAR COMMUNITY". He would break out a chinese collar shirt and a vest in a HEARTBEAT. An avid patron of BYOL cabarets, his bringing liquor into establishments went overboard when he brought some E&J into the church service on New Year's Eve with Val, his girlfriend. She took action and vowed to change him.

Lester was also an active member of the "DRIVING GLOVES UNITED ASSOCIATION". Val could no longer take the sight of those raggedy holey gloves Lester would use on dates with her. He was a member of this society for about 18 years. Along with his resignation, he turned in all of his Eric B & Rakim tapes. To ensure he would not slide back into the society, the 190 Benz was equiped with a CD player and the tape deck was destroyed.

Valerie is now in the process of car shopping for Lester. He wanted an SUV and she agreed. He is looking for a Ford Bronco but a Land Rover is more of what Val wants for him.

Ladies, if your man too needs to be brought out of 1986, Valerie McDaniel can help you. She has just started her own Check her out. She can give you tips on how to sway your man out of those Sergio Sweatsuits and those Gold Framed glasses in 2005. Call her @ 301-455-3534. Ask for DonBay if Val aint there.