Thursday, May 19, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

Here at the Salvador Gabor Project, we long to satisfy your need for insight and a closer look into the lives of the street entrepreneurs. Harold "Big Tyme" Wilkins is no stranger to getting this street money. A 24-hour hustla from North Carolina........"Big Tyme" has resurfaced on the streets of Norfolk, Virginia with ambition, a will to win and a trunk full of some DVD's.

Salvador Gabor: Ladies and Gentlemen its my pleasure to speak with my main man "Big Tyme" Wilkins

Big Tyme: Yuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh

SG: How you doing?

BT: I had a hard time getting here, these directions were good but I kinda messed up

SG: Why you aint hit my phone

BT: Im working off this pager right now as we speak but.....Im good playa

SG: Oh what it us Big Tyme

BT: Aint nuttin, just tryna catch my breath

SG: Thats a good sign for a hustla

BT: Yeah you know I got these Karate Classes going now

SG: Oh Yeah

BT: A nigga teaching martial arts mayne. Check this though, I aint giving out black belts, Im just handing em these Gucci belts I stole from Neimans. Gotta keep the young niggs fly

SG: I can dig it. So what got you into Karate?

BT: Aww man you know a nigga gotta keep some trades on the side. I been whippin up on dem boys down Carolina for years. See Sal this aint really Karate. I just call it that to get my license.

SG: So what is it that you teach?

BT: Its just basic "Keep a Nigga off ya" Tactics. These boys down here scared half to death. Gotta let em in on some secrets. Boys like 11 and 12. Gotta raise em up. They Mommas pay me about $50 and I get em straight.

SG: So what else been going on?

BT: Same ole.....Im still the DVD king of I-64. Got that Star Wars. Got that Matrix3. Got PS3's got the new X-BOX. Im all over it mayne. Check my resume. im a hussla fo sho

SG: They crackin down on bootleggers

BT: Thats a dirty word mayne

SG: It is what it is

BT: Im a urban entertainment distributor. I cater to my Black people. Aint no need in them going to the movies. I got what you need. Bill Gates got money. What he need ALL the XBox sales for? We ALL need to get in where we fit in. Feel me? Let a nigga get papered up one time.

SG: You are taking money from people who earned it

BT: and Seeing 6 Star Wars movies at $10 a whop is takin money from our people. I got all $6 for $25. YES thats a tasteless plug too.

SG: But being the hussla that you are, I know you are a man of many hustles.

BT: YEAH that reminds me......I got RING TONES TOO. But check it.......they FART tones. I got these pills take em and when you eat and you fart.......the gas makes tones like your favorite songs. I got that new 50........that new Kanye....I even got Fred Hammond for the Gospel Folks.

SG: Thats a bit much for a fart

BT: Anyway I can get it, Im a get a matter of fact I gotta go...I got some lawns to cut, some tires to sell and some liquor to steal. Im a check you