Thursday, May 26, 2005

"For NIGGAS Only"
By Salvador Gabor

WNIG Radio presents the First Annual "For Niggas Only" Expo being held on June 18th, 2005 in Washington D.C. at the Barry Farms Convention Center conveniently located right off the I-295 Highway on Sumner Road. "For Niggas Only" will mainly be held outside in Southeast DC to accommodate niggas and their love for standing outside and "shootin da breeze".

The purpose of this meeting of niggas is to discuss ideas, thoughts and feelings on Nigga-Like issues. Some issues include "Time Management Skills 205: How to get around to all your BabyMuvas' houses on Holidays", "When to use Viagra", "Proposal of Hussla Pension Plans: Selling Weed and Coke past the age of 50" and "How to take advantage of Atlantic City trips with Mistresses".

Please be mindful.....the word "Nigga" does not denote the Black Male....although when said by other races it is taken as a racial slur. ONLY for the simple fact that we can not clearly inspect your heart as to your intentions when saying it as a person of another race. With that being said "Niggas" who are eligible for attendance go beyond the African-American race. We have 37 white niggas who have signed up so far. 111 Hispanic Niggas and about 18 Chinese niggas who have to work around their restaurant schedule and are a big maybe.

Invitations can be received by signing up to NOT to be confused with Evite. This is WEvite. Its not on the "inna-net", despite the use of Dot Com. Its on the Nigga-Net. So holla at Juicy down at the MLK Liquor store. He got the reserved seats and if he run out call "Ike" at (301) 455-3534.