Friday, April 08, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

"Shuck & Jive" & The Unchained Bootery Band featuring Mamma Johnson presents "Michelob across the Globe". This is the most anticipated tour for liquor store dwellers, basement spades dwellers and brown sandle wearers across the southern states.

Mamma Johnson (pictured above) stated that she drunk so many Michelobs in her life that she was willing to do the tour for free. But Michelob insisted on paying her for her presence. They settled on $10,000, free wings and half price Michelobs at the "Dilly Dally" Club, which is a franchise that has a location close to her in Mississippi.

Not to be forgotten, "Shuck & Jive and the Unchained Bootery" will blow the roof off of many arenas on this tour. Just dont feed them boys Egg Salad. They will have the dressing room smelling like a Colon Cancer Waiting Room.