Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"God Gave us 10 Fingers"
By Salvador Gabor

You know .... your hands are one of the most valuable assets on your body. Hands are one of the parts of the body that are synonymous with "control". To grip something. To grab something. To hold something. To claim something. All of these things can be done with the use of your hands. Within the makeup of your hands are the fingers. These are the claws that are helpful in controlling the item "at hand" (No pun intended). But I believe that without the fingers, the hands are almost defunct. The fingers are NEEDED to help the process of "control".

God gave us 10 fingers. He did this so when we point one at another person and put fault on them, we can have 3 fingers pointing back at us. Not to blame us but as a reminder, if I ever go into a situation WITH someone and it goes wrong because of them, I should be 3 times as mad at myself for not taking "control" of the situation. It's good to work with others but, always be aware that your name will be dragged in the dirt EVEN if it's their fault.

God gave us 10 fingers. He did this so when we try to grab more than what 10 fingers can hold, everything drops. Its no need to hold big things. It's the little things that count. Someone giving you $1,000 may mean alot but, someone speaking to you on a bad day is priceless. Someone saying they love you in a crowd may mean alot but, someone showing you they love you and it just so happens that there is no crowd is priceless. On the other "hand" (no pun intended)....... items that bother you that are too large to change have to be dropped. The small problems are the ones you have to attack. You may have been born without a father, you can't change that. You were born short, or fat or skinny or blind or deaf..........these aren't in your "hands" (yall know the deal by now)...... you play the "hand" (aight yall) that you are dealt. But issues regarding you, your attitude, you focus on life and how you treat others can be dealt with.

God gave us 10 fingers. He also separated those fingers. He did this so we could let the dirt go through. Anything that wont fit into your hands, aint made for your hands. You cant grab air. You cant keep water or DIRT in your hands. It will leak through. If you hear bad information, let it go in one ear and out the other. The funniest thing is, people wont try something because someone else said its not good. But they are the same people who wear the funny looking shirts and shoes and you disregard them THEN but, you listen to them when they say a movie, play, city or other form of entertainment is not worth going to see.

God gave us 10 fingers. Those 10 fingers are on 2 hands. And most of us tend to be stronger with one hand more than the other. You go with your stronger part. Meaning, in life there are forks in the road. You go with the stronger feeling inside. You tend to lean one way in most cases. The key is knowing which way you ought to be leaning. Left-handers dont pick up the pen with the right hand. Right handers dont shoot with the left. You KNOW what hand to use. So just KNOW what side you need to lean on in life

God gave us 10 fingers. He did that so we could count the friends that we have. Im not one to rely on alot of people. I dont like to lean on folk at all when Im "jammed up". If you cant pick me up, I really can walk home. If you can't stay, I'll be aight all by myself. I like the people Im around for entertainment purposes. We have fun but, at the same time, things change. Characteristics are revealed. And you see people for the truth within them. You will meet, greet, and "chop it up" with LOTS of people. It may last for a season, a reason or end up in treason but, all in all only a few will last.

God gave us 10 fingers. He did that so when we ball up our fists and put them together, it means power. Remember the fingers are separated, so it takes effort to put them together. And when we clinch them, we MEAN bidness!

God gave us 10 fingers. He did that so we can SLAP THE LIVING MESS OUTTA PEOPLE. Dont ask me why, I might just SLAP YOU.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"