Monday, March 14, 2005

Sal's Corner
"TIPS FOR 2005"

Well we are 2 and 1/2 months into the year. Did you really think I was gonna let yall go a whole year without some tips? I wouldnt do yall like that. NEVER in a lifetime would I do such a thing. I like to see yall succeed. So whenever I can, I will insert comments that may help you. I can sense already, the summer will be a hot one. And the fall and winter to follow will be big as well. Forget all that.......the SPRING is near and people wont know how to act. SO I have to let yall know the deal.

* WALK FAST - ALWAYS walk fast. You come out of your building and you see a group of five people behind you. Maybe you slow down to tie a shoe. Maybe you see someone you know. No matter the situation....WALK FAST. If that group of five is in FRONT of you.........they maybe the FIVE that end up in front of you at Wendy's. They maybe the last five to get those new chicken tenders. They might get the cab you want. THEY MAYBE in front of you at the farecard machine and the train pulls off because one of them can't figure out how much change they need to put in the machine. Never let people get in front of you.

* Dont live life too fast - We gotta learn how to go from living from check to check. Sometimes we want the next 2 weeks to come by TOO FAST. When you live from check to check, the months go by like a snap of a finger. Keep living that way and you'll be 55 before you know it.

* KEEP IT REAL - People yall betta let these significant others know how yall feel about em. Be straight up. Cause if you not feeling em you never know what she has in stored. They maybe be planning for yall future and you planning for an exit. That "in between" stage is crazy. That "We not together but we can get back" stage is tough. Yall have gone separate ways to an thing you know.......she married and you thought yall was almost BACK. The older we get, the faster out status can change. Respect your former "people". Dont let em hear about your Vegas wedding out in the street.

* WALK SLOW towards Exits - Glass doors can be tricky. You walk too fast and the door is locked and you push it and now your face has bumped into the glass. You look very stupid at this point. Even the $4/hour Security Guard will NEVER let you hear the last of it.

* FELLAS: Stay away from women who Hang with Gay Men - First off....I have NOTHING against Gay Men. I dont do what they do but stay away from women who hang with them. These kinds of women tend like attention from men and nothing else. Its NOT the gay man's fault AT ALL. Its the women that are at fault. They usually use these unexpecting men for occupying time. Cause they know even though he's gay..........he's still a man. And they can "make believe" that he aint gay. Thats why you might see them holding hands and whatnot. Cause no matter HOW gay a man is.........when he is with a woman his masculinity will come out to an extent. He still will put his arm around her. He still will dance with her. AND even defend her if necessary. He will listen to her like a straight man should and would BUT at the end of the day........she is just entertained. The gay man will listen to ALL of her problems. Two women hanging together will compete for time and attention. You never see a woman following a gay man around while he shops. Its mostly the other way around. This kinda woman wants a man to cater to her without being "with" this man.

* LADIES: An Older man doesnt mean Maturity - I see more and more young women looking towards older men and saying that they do so for the lack of maturity in men their age. Ladies.....its always easier to walk DOWN steps than it is to walk UP steps. Just because you are with an older man doesnt mean he's pulling you up to his level. He may be walking down to yours. And you think because you are 21 with a 35 year old that you are more mature. I can remember it like it was yesterday.......ALL the girls growing up in Jr High had High School "boyfriends". He might buy you a chicken wing dinner and a $20 bag and now he's your boyfriend......LET YOU TELL IT. He never dropped you off at your house. NEVER picked you UP from your house. You had to meet him at the corner store. You never met his friends. But you thought you were POPPIN cause your boyfriend had a car and some facial hair. And you found out months later.....he just wanted to flip you upside down in the back of his Maxima. And some of you ladies STILL aint learned. You just getting flipped upside down in better cars now. No maximas........."Girl we did it in his CLK". Dont get me wrong.....Its perfectly OK to date an older man. But you gotta ask yourself if you are his main lady, where are all the 35 year old women at? Does he feel he can get over on you cause you are young? Was he a CLOWN in his 20's and now he's tryna make up for it? So before you go around shooting young guys your age down cause you've dealt with a few older men aren necessarily more mature cause you deal with a mature man.........You maybe just getting BROKE OFF by a more mature man.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"