Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sal's Corner

Everybody is afraid of something. Even if you say "I aint scared of nothing", chances are you're plain ole scared of being scared. It's nothing to be worried about. We are human. We have limitations and short comings. It's all about coming to grips with WHY we are afraid. I cant speak for any other cultures but us Black Folk are scared of EVERYTHING. We are supposed to be SO tough but we so soft at the same time. The following are some of the things we are afraid of

* Risks - If it aint stable, we aint with it. Plain and Simple. You can't even get a nigga to order something different at a restaurant when SOMEONE ELSE is paying for it. Gotta go back to the left side of the menu and order you some chicken wings. Maybe Chicken Tenders. "How bout dem Chicken Nuggets.........heard they pretty good here!". Niggers and their chicken. Boy oh Boy. Then we might try to jazz it up and get some General Tso's..........CHICKEN. We love some bird. But seriously, Ive seen many ideas get drowned in "Lake Criticism" because "Big Mamma" didnt think that was a good idea. "Boy you dont need to be no need to get you a regular job". "Right I can build me a Trailer RIGHT next to yours huh?". We just never take a risk.

* Dark-Skinned Males - This is a VERY VERY interesting topic. No one ever ADMITS to it but its always eluded to. I never hear people say that they are scared of dark skinned males BUT they laugh at Lightskin Thugs. Which leads me to believe that the status quo for Thuggery is being of a darker complexion. People take a dark skinned male more seriously than a lighter skinned male. People feel that dark men mean business. Im a tell yall. Some of these De'Barge looking dudes might put a swift kick up your tater if you dont watch em. But the whole time you been looking out for Black Dexter from over on 21st Street.

* Coats - We are afraid of COATS. Lemme tell yall something. Im bout tired of all you 60 and over people commenting on these North Faces. Stop letting NBC and Fox have yall scared to bundle up. The fact is.......people get robbed for ALL kinds of coats. But...........But..........the coat that sells the most, will get the most attention. So in the midst of these news shows fighting for ratings, they wont tell you went Mr. Robert gets robbed for his Triple Fat Goose. Or when Mr. Dandridge got his Member's Only Jacket stolen at the Bingo Hall. Cause that's not gonna catch your attention during the "ER" or "CSI" commercials. See that 9:45-9:57 time period is KEY for news shows. Those LAST commercials before the show goes off HAVE to get your attention. They know you dont wanna go pee cause you wanna see the ending. So you see the "lead in" commercials to the news and NORTH FACE is said and you glued to the screen. You done called your kids downstairs. "LIL Robert, SEE that's why I aint buy you no South Face". But you wouldnt be glued if they was talking about somebody got robbed for their penny-loafers. Dont let these people fool you. People get robbed for EVERYTHING.

* Our Mothers - Most of our mothers couldn't lift a chair by themselves but we fear them like they are 6'3", 250 lbs. Momma dont play. She might only stand 4'11" but she means business. You can be 35 years old, two houses, 5 cars and 3 business making 7 figures a year and if Momma say something that she dont like about you, you're gonna listen're gonna change. I don't care if you live 500 miles from home, if she call on a Sunday and she ask "did you go to church today?". You better say YES and you better make up a sermon. When she comes in town you better have some bulletins from past services or something. Some of yall still scared of what you do cause Momma might find out. You 42 years old scared to spend the night over your "friend's" house cause Momma calls you every morning.

Fear is a very powerful weapon. The message that fear brings is simple. The person who exposes you to the fear is the one you will always follow. When someone tells you not to do this or to be aware of that, you will ALWAYS look to them to see what's the NEXT step. You wont make a step without consulting the person who first introduced that fear to you. And that's where you are trapped. Many of us are the ones closing the menu before we open it. Many of us are the ones who are stuck on complexion or stuck on a brand name being dangerous on some life that your mother or father had for you. No need to fear, it's just something to think about

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"