Thursday, March 03, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

Willie "Big Patches" Dickerson releases his new 8-Track "THE MASSACRE" today in stores across the southern states. "Big Patches" is a big name on the "Chittlin Circuit" from Nashville to Augusta. He is well known for his hairline and his signature smile........or whats left of it. "Big Patches" is an undercover lover. Women have told stories of his lustful ways throughout Mississippi. One woman even led us to believe that his lack of teeth adds to his lovemaking "Skills". Gwen Sanders of Charleston, SC says "His Wet-no-teethededed kisses turned her on. He would smack, lick and kiss me all over.......woooooo thats a man for ya". YES ladies, "Big Patches" has some songs on "THE MASSACRE" for you. One track titled "Watch how I work my Tongue" talks about his love for Cranberry sauce and how he eats it as an aphrodisiac. For those inquiring minds wondering exactly WHY the album is called "THE MASSACRE"? Well it's because of the state of the teeth in his mouth and his lack of care he has for his dental health. The following is the COMPLETE listing of his songs on the album

1) High Blood Pressure
2) No Engine in the El Camino
3) Slits in my Sport Coats
4) Watch how I work my Tongue
5) Ontop of somebody's Grandma
6) Macaroni & Cheese Smile
7) Who left the stove on?

For more info on this album call Beulah Spriggs at (301) 455-3534