Monday, February 07, 2005

Sal's Corner
"Older Parents"

Moms and Pops had me when they were 34 and 40 years old respectively. So naturally I had an old fashioned household. They are also from the country so that adds 10 years to them automatically. I love my parents and I have shared my stories with friends about them. I have friends who also have what would be considered "older parents" and Ive found some common denominators for how they raise their kids.

* Clothes: You can forget making a fashion statement. For some reason they see the "good" clothes and walk to the rack on the other side of the store. Your shoes might not even come in a box. You might gotta pick thru a pile for the same size, same shoe. Luckily I had older siblings that had jobs that helped me shop.

* Lunch: First off all, older parents aint letting you eat AT school. You are getting a breakfast before you leave for school. Second off, your packed lunch wouldnt be no lunchables or Capri Suns. You might open your bag and have some leftover Neckbones and Squash with a note to your teacher saying "Mrs. Washington please warm up LenDale's food at 11:55, so it can be nice and hot by 12:00".

* Going up to the School: Older parents aint really into the PTA scene. You might not see them participating in the school bake sales nor will they be walking from door to door helping you sell pizzas but......if that teacher calls home.....that old mother will be up at that school. Rollers in her hair and all. If mamma got them rollers on.......she means hear me........bidness! And she DONT care about her hair not being out. She might whip you IN the school yard. And you in the 11th Grade!

* Spending Money on Food: Please.......McDonalds? Try this ham sammich that is leftover from Thanksgiving aight! Going out for Ice Cream? It's plenty of Ice Cream in the house. Yall know....the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry carton. My mother used to pop her own popcorn and put in a huge duffel sized bag when we went to the circus or to the amusement park. Peanut Butter and Jelly sammiches and store brand sodas. You betta believe it baby!

* Coming in the House: Young parents trust their kids..........too much. Curfews and so forth are now loose. "He's a kid....let em live" is what the young folks say. OH NO. Moms was letting you know when it was time to get in the house. Whether it was the street light, calling Mrs. Ruby's house, or cutting the porch light on, you was gonna get THE message. Some of us tried to act cute. "I can stay out as long as I want" But, the whole time, you standing RIGHT in front of the house. That DIDNT matter. Stand right there.......go on and stand RIGHT there. Moms might flick that light about 23 times. That will blow your cover buddy. And dont be around the corner somewhere.........shoot she might crank up that ole Deville and come looking for you. The last thing you want to do is make a mother get up out her bed wit her gown on, some rollers and the 3/4 length leather coat with the belt hanging. Its a wrap!

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"