Monday, January 31, 2005

Sal's Corner
"My Ambitions as a Rider"

Im rarely a "rider". My friends and my environment always lead me to be the driver. So as a driver I need to keep my eyes on the road. But as Im driving, dont worry about me. You just sit there and enjoy the ride. But as you enjoy let me lay down the rules

* Non-Drivers - If you are a non-driver.........LISTEN UP. Always be READY when us drivers come get you. This rule applies for those UNDER 21 in particular. I need you to be on the porch swinging your feet waiting for me when I come. I dont wanna hear "Im ready.....I JUST gotta go get my shoes". my friend.....ARE NOT READY. The DRIVER is ALWAYS the last to get ready. Some of yall need to get pulled off on to understand better.

* Licensed Drivers - If you are a licensed driver that happens to be a rider in the car of ANOTHER licensed driver.........remember.....they went to the DMV and got their license JUST like you did. Dont tell me which way to go UNLESS or UNTIL I ask. "You know you posed to make that turn". "Why you aint turn right here". Or better yet, you secretly pressing you foot on the floor like you have a brake pad over there when you think I'm going too fast. Sometimes I wanna pull over and let them drive. I went to the DMV JUST like you did. And all yall without licenses.......just shut up.

* Control Panel - Don't touch my radio, my temperature control or my windows. And if you aint FAM.......dont adjust my seats. You must ask to do all of the above. If I want to hear this song, it stays here. If I dont want defrost dont go on. And dont be letting down the window if the heat on cause you hot. JUST SUFFER.

* Licensed Drivers Pt 2 - Just a tid bit.......if you dont like how I drive or how the ride is conducted in my have a car. Now back to the article........

* Arms out the Window - Take that country bamma stuff back to North Carolina. Don't put your arm on the ledge of the door like we just riding through Dekalb County on a sunny day. You got your arm out the window like we in a rap video from 1993. Like we down in Greensboro just-a-coasting. Keep your arms in your lap.

* The Horn - OFF LIMITS. I only had a person honk my horn once.............. And she almost got slapped. Dont do that. If you aint ready to possibly take that bullet from that wild driver then once again, keep your hands in your lap

All yall riders, listen up........STAY IN YOUR PLACE. Thats all I gotta say about that. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"